Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rose Art Waves

Mm, doesn't this make you think of summer? It does me. I made this sketch page while experimenting with one of the worst art brands in existence, Rose Art. Decided to try my luck at drawing with Rose Art markers to see if it's possible to still make something decent with a terrible brand name supply. Seems I succeeded, and now have a pretty island getaway postcard image which sits comfortably in a sheet protector tucked in my journal.

I had fun with doodling in a mix style of Maori themed waves, and an Aztec sun. I sort of just squiggled in the palm tress and wind swirls with my own style. Had fun, and I like it.

Here's a tip, if you ever find yourself bored and all you have are some cheap art supplies lying around; you might be able to make a cool doodle addition for your journal as I did. ^_^

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