Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Scribbler

Guess what tomorrow is? That's right, Halloween; and that's why I'm posting a very old, but very cute pumpkin patch drawing I did back in, I believe 2005 or 6I've mentioned about scribblers before in my beginning posts of this blog, and still do them to this day.

You can tell it's kids art, but that's ok, it's still funny. 

Hope you have a good week, see you around. :)

Recycled Dragonfly Journal

Hello everyone, this is the very first recycled journal I've ever made; using several pizza boxes, metallic acrylic paint, embossing, ribbon, plastic beads, and some recycled paper.

It annoys me that I manage to make beautiful stuff on flimsy materials, and yet don't seem to do as well on expensive, better quality materials. I guess because I relax when working on Garb....recycled materials.

Since I had way too much ribbon left I just went with it,and added some matching plastic doughnut beads on the end for weight. Because the ribbon is so long, I fold it upward and use it as a bookmark. I don't really mind the length anyway, it adds a nice whimsical touch.

Here's a front and back view; I loved adding the copper embossing, and the stamps I used gave the book a beautiful touch. For extra texture I went in and stamped gold paint dots to give the background a pollen affect.
Here's the inside, yes it's empty......Don't worry, I'll fill it someday.

I painted the inner cover dark metallic blue with a hint of gold that ended up looking silver.

Making the book
I only have a few pictures of the process, maybe someday when I get better at bookmaking I'll make a video on how it was done. For now here are a few pictures.

 I started off with a pizza box spread out flat, then drew my cover and marked my signature holes.
I made a second outer cover of another pizza box, but didn't give it holes since I wasn't sewing through the spine.
 Here is one of the recycled pages. I took two pages with text on them and faced the text sides together, then glued the edges. This resulted in text that can still be slightly seen through the page, but isn't blatantly noticeable.
I left the bottom and top open, takes less glue. You can see how I used text pages and made them usable for drawing, if you don't like text directly in your work.

I went on to paint the covers, emboss, and add ribbons. And also sewing together the book, an enjoyable process.
Enjoy viewing, see you around. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Evil Cinderella

 Evil Cinderella, planned to steal a fella, that poor man being the prince. But bewitching looks aren't good enough, so she forced her animal servants to sew a gown of black and purple. 

I guess you can see why she lives in the attic...and she likes it.

I've been strongly debating on whether to post this on or not, but since it's close to Halloween I mind as well. 

This picture was done a long time ago ,and at the time, I had help from my brother and sister, which is why it came out so well.

I love the way it turned out, and snicker at it every time. Hope you enjoy viewing as much as I do. :D

Please click here for an improved version of this image

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Recycled Journal element

I finally got to making my very first recycled envelope pocket; and discovered that I love the results. The yellow went perfectly with my chosen background, so I used it.  Just a little bit of decorative scrap paper and some stamping gave my new add-in a perfect touch. I also cut the top edge with decorative scissors so it didn't look so junk-ish.

I felt like trying to use some scrap papers that sit around in the drawer, so I went digging and found perfect materials to make a little book that slips inside the pocket. 

One thing that always irritates me is that when I go and make something and approach it with a carefree spirit, it ends up turning out better than I expected, making me almost fearful to use it for my original intentions.

Here's a quick look at the inside; the pages were sorta tricky since I couldn't fold the paper without them being too small. So I took the cut ends and used those to glue the pages together. That approach also gave me a place to sew.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Illustration Friday "Contraption"

Elfin Mixer (Elf Harness Included)

 How to Use
  1. Place bowl beneath mixing frame
  2. Find yourself an elf
  3.  Strap elf into harness
  4. Place elf on mixing bike
  5. Strap harness to mixing frame
  6. Tell elf how fast to pedal
  7. Remove elf and enjoy 
Cooking tip-  For an extra magical taste, leave off elf headband

WARNING: Watch out for elf hair 
Hope you enjoyed the instructions on how to use this fairytale mixer of the past. I think it's a perfect contraption, and can see it being used by many people; not just for making whip cream, but also for punishing naughty elves.

Monday, October 10, 2011



A little picture for Halloween
In the attic Gretel goes
Skipping on her little toes
Suddenly she snags some web
A little spider lands on her head.
Gretel doesn't make a sound
Listen as her heart does pound
Her little hands begin to shake
Swat that spider for goodness sake.


     Making of:

At first this was just a little sketch I did in my purse notebook, but then I decided to make it bigger and print it out on brown paper.  

I used watercolor, pastels, and colored pencil. I love the eyes in this picture, watercolor really seems to give them a life-like feel.

I'd also like to share the inked sketch version (left), and also one that I made grayer to give it a creepier feel (right). Why I decided to use the one that was more accurate to color... just liked it better. Although, I think that the grayer image would make a pretty good October greeting card.  Maybe someday I'll try that. If you want to use the black and white sketch as a coloring sheet, please ask for my permission first. Thank you.

The poem was a last minute idea, and I'm very happy with it. Hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do. :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cute Geisha

It's the strangest thing, I've been wanting to draw all sorts of cute Asian-like pictures. Even though it's not a common style for me, I really like the results.

All it took was some simple shapes, a little marker, some stamping with a touch of jell pen, and the results were adorable. 

I noticed that if I don't think about my art so much while working on it, the results are far more rewarding feeling than if I were to moan over a tiny mistake.

I'll be posting again very soon, so feel free to drop by.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Illustration Friday "Hibernate"

It's time for the Summer fairies to hibernate and rest in their warm cocoons and chrysalis', while their Autumn sisters roam free. 

I loved making this piece and couldn't believe how rich watercolor can be on brown craft paper. The only thing I wasn't able to do with paint was her hair and skin; those were done in colored pencil.

 The inked drawing

 In the process of making this picture, I applied sacred geometry to my layout, which resulted in beautiful symmetry.  In fact ,the harvest moon was a last minute idea; I used my compass to do geometry, and then noticed the circle made a perfect background. 

This sweet little girl sleeping with her teddy was a simple, cute picture I did as a backup in case I couldn't get the main picture done for IF. It fits the part too, so I figured I'd share it along with the other one.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcoming Autumn

Here's a nice image to welcome Autumn and the first of October. 
I believe I made this picture sometime around age 14, maybe a little younger, but it's still eye popping to me.
At least it's finally getting a little chilly out, but knowing Virginia, this chilliness will likely be an on- off thing till the end of October. 

Anyway, since it's the first of October you know what that means; it's time to bring out the jewel tones and darker colors of the month and make some interesting, maybe slightly goth looking art. Now I'm not sure if I can manage, but I have a few projects in mind that will be fitting for the season. So don't be shy, drop by now and then to see what I'm doing. :)