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About me

Hello, my name is Gretchen. All my life I’ve been surrounded by an artistic family, who have helped me in my art, and encouraged me to keep going even when my confidence was growing thin.

I’ve been trying to create since the age of five, and one of my very first growing obsessions was collage, a result of my oldest sister showing me what they were, and how they were made. She sorely regret sharing this art form to me soon after, because I started collecting images of all kinds and stuffing them into an old suit case with plans of using them for pictures.

As I got older I pushed myself to get better at drawing, and had the desire to draw as well as my brother, unfortunately my confidence has always wavered in this area of art; but I still continue trying, hoping to progress.

As an early 13 old, my brother gave me a sketch book as a gift; I didn’t know what to do with it, and I asked him how I should use it. He shrugged and suggested I start a journal or something. I drew in the book for a long time, never feeling satisfied with my sketches, then one day my brother’s advice echoed back in my head. So I picked up some colored pencils and pens, and started my very first journal page about butterflies on our plants outside. This first page was the beginning of my growing desire for journal keeping, and I’ve continued the process from that time onward. 
My journals have become more complex over time, and the more I look back on the ones I made, the more I love making them. I feel that history is important, especially your own, and it’s really quite extraordinary watching your life unfold through words, pictures, and kept objects. The beauty of journals to me, is that you can see your life unravel on a page, and reflect back on times that were both good and bad, even see how much you’ve matured from life experiences; or recall certain details you deemed important and wished to always remember.

I'm a mixed media sort of artist, using anything and everything to make art of all kinds; everything from collage, illustrations composed of different materials, sewn projects, designing, jewelry, journals, sculpting, carving, constructing, photography, and more.

Along side that I enjoy music for inspiration and dancing, and nearly every day sing while I craft .

Behind the Blog

You may wonder why I named this blog Pearllight Studio. The history behind that one is sort of a nerdy subject; Pearllight is a code name invented for a character whose evolution came about from my nerdy fascination for a particular LEGO product known as Bionicle. Being that I’m still a fan of the story line and toys to this day, a large majority of my projects and inspiration revolve around that subject. Because of this, I made a second blog dedicated towards that particular subject, where I share inventions, mechanical based, and of course fan based… particularly fan fiction based subjects. I felt that the whole robot subject would clash too much with my main art blog, which is why I made a blog just for that, and called it Bionicfuzion….and if you’re nerdy enough to be interested, you can find it here  http://bionicfuzion.blogspot.com/  The name Pearllight belongs to a character that’s my code name, since the character I made is suppose to represent me. For better detail on this subject, you can read this article I wrote on my other blog, where I explain the origin of my character, and include the simple reason to why I came up with her name. (http://bionicfuzion.blogspot.com/2011/09/origin-of-pearllight.html ) Lets just say my code name became part of my icon image on the internet, and I loved my code name so much that I incorporated it into my main blog.


  1. Hi, Gretchen, I loved the tutorial on making a miniature coffee bag as I am building a miniature coffee shop for someone. Where do you have the printed coffee labels? Desperate in Jupiter,

    Carol DuBois

    1. Hey, Carol. You can find it here http://pearllightstudio.blogspot.com/2016/06/miniature-coffee-bags-diy.html if you copy the link. The link to it is also listed on the YT video in description.
      A miniature coffee shop sounds like fun, that's like two of my favorite things in one. I'd be interested to see your progress on the project. :)