Thursday, May 28, 2020

Meeting Vha- Sharing Wogue

"Wogue Sharing"

Completed on May 28 after three days of work, I introduce, Wogue Share.

Ivara shared a Wogue magazine with Mesa Vha-Nailo during a Corpus fight, having no care for the bullets aimed at them.

Details, story bits, fun peeks behind the scenes of the art process are all shown below in the Wogue journal spreads I put together.

The journal spreads for May 17, 2020.

Doing a bit more Warframe journalism, this is just a record of the pages. I met someone in the Warframe game on May 17, 2020 who's big on fashion framing.

The story is in the pages, Vha liked my newly acquired and decorated Ivara, stopped me during a defense mission to take a picture. We stayed in the same group when they asked if I'd like to go along to Orb Vallis with them.

During that time we talked, I found out they really liked fashion framing, I mentioned how I keep records of some fashion framing for fun, by creating Wogue spreads. They wanted to see my work, I told them my art blog name, they looked it up in the middle of battle and were happy I had created what I did.

While we talked, I got this idea for an illustration of our frames sitting together, looking at a Wogue magazine in the middle of a fight. Vha wanted to see a picture like that, I decided to make it for a laugh while the idea was fresh.

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