Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Smash Booking

I've been enjoying some smash book work. Sometime at the beginning of last month I got in the mood to start working again in my gray, Artist Loft journal sketchbook.

I had started working in this book back in 2012, using it as a basic journal with some stuff added like I used to do often in most of my journals. When coming back to it to browse through some of the pages and add to it after creating some random spreads last year for the first time since 2012, I realized that in a way, the later pages I added to were essentially the sort of thing you would do in a Smash Book.

This set me in a mood to go and binge watch Youtube videos of people using Smash books.
Smash Book | Pinterest on Paper - the modchik
Smash books were a product by K&Company started in 2011. I remember seeing the commercial once on tv, obviously interested by something journal related. The song playing was kind of a hipster, Indie style thing which became sort of a joke in my mind. The woman was singing, "One day I woke up, and there was more to love", but in my ears I heard, "I want a mocha, with extra cream, my love".

Smash books are still a fun thing, junk journals I think became a bigger thing over time and Smash books sort of got lumped in with that category. Someone defined the difference between Smash Books and junk journals, at least in their opinion. They feel that junk journals are a book of random things bound traditionally into a cover with some sort of thread. Smash books are like junk journals, but bound with spiral wires, be it exposed or hidden by a cover. They did seem to miss the category of Smash books being made with three ring binders as well, so really smash books are any sort of book you can add to till it's fat, but not worry about it busting the spine like a traditionally bound booklet.

The difference between my Artist Loft sketch/journal book combo and a Smash book is the fact I'm not using any pretty papers like a Smash book does. Smash books come fully equipped with a glue/pen, pen holder, and a themed collection of semi random, double sided scrapbook paper pages.

Basically Smash books are conveniently fun and ready for you to add whatever to. I never got one because they cost too much for something I had the supplies and tools to make myself.

That brings me to what I've been doing. It may not be a book full of scrapbook papers, but the simplicity of blank and striped pages left me with the freedom to add whatever I wanted to each page and have it all pull together with the color choices of objects I add.
March 14, 2020

On the 14th I added some extra elements to the casserole page (right), and made an entirely new page using some random items I wanted to keep for certain memories (umbrellas I have, containers we like using) shown left.

Some of the pages still wait for descriptions, notes, things that explain more about the objects and story behind them.
Last year in 2019 I had done this sewing page (left) just to get some items out of the way before they  got lost. An old envelope with a wax seal, and some antique sewing machine instruction pages heavily Mod Podged to keep them from disintegrating.

This year I added in some stuff about a new mattress, and a wearable bunny blanket (right).
Some pages I made to tie off a certain year, the gingerbread house a way to mark the end of December 2019(left). Pages after that were made during April 2019.

Some of my incomplete and semi complete started pages focus on Christmas 2012, then later Christmas 2019.
December 2019 was a spread made to be color matching, keeping track of chocolates we had and enjoying a wrapping paper that came on a gift to Mom.

Then this year I added a collage page to mark the opening of last December (right), choosing to use chocolates as a theme.
March 27, 2020

On the 27th I started making a page to remember some tapes I got from Lidls, and a safe place for some business cards I picked up.

April 1, 2020

Later I completed this, took pictures today. I added some writing, changed up the layout a bit, created a clear pocket holder with the fuse tool for the business cards, and added a security envelope to hold some pamphlets in.

Also today I made a spread talking about some extra Spring tapes I got, along with cute Spring aprons, all items from Lidls.

This basic Smash book is growing thick very quickly. It's been a semi relaxing process to add to it little by little, not think too much about keeping it all chronological.

In between this project I've also been working on a few of my Christmas themed junk journals, but have been paused on them briefly while focusing on making Smash book spreads.