Saturday, February 29, 2020

Feb. Wogue- Twirl and Aipsylon pages

Twirl and Swirl and Aipsylon's pages are section three of the February Wogue, and beginning central model pages displaying the frames up close in detail of every participant. Some made multiple frames for the theme, I only got close up shots of side frames from two participants.

Twirl and Aip only did one shoot for their main frames and called it a night, needed rest. I got good enough angles to work with for one set of frames, which condensed my work to fewer pages. From how much I've been doing, fewer pages was a good way to start off.

Feb. Wogue 2020- Valentine Event Pages

Valentine contest events start with introducing Riesling as a special guest and judge. I asked him if he had any frames he wanted to include in the Wogue, he said he didn't have any, sent me a blank version of Trinity cupid from last year and said I could use that.

I had gotten a few screen shots of Riesling's frames I liked the look of, and added them into the collection.
The Trinity cupid page made a great intro background, and I finally used one of my own assembled Warframe inspired journal windows.
The participant list was small, which made listing their profiles easy, then came spreads of the contest observed from a personal point of view in game. I kept record of a few things going on in the clan chat, and may create a comic from some of the content at a later time.

Throughout the book I used Far Far Hill papers and elements to decorate, with a few gold and foil overlays on some things.

Feb Wogue 2020- Introduction, opening host pages

Working on February's edition of Wogue has been a lot of work. Sixty seven pages and counting and still the process goes on. This project was started a week before February even started, and from that time I've only had a break for about a week or so between finishing my opening pages and starting contest pages after the 16th.

From that time on it's been non stop creating in PSE. There are so many pages already, and still so many more to be done, that I debated on whether or not to share the completed project all at once, or in sections like an updated story.

I'm starting to think updated sections is a better idea considering 60 pages and counting leads to a lot of scrolling in a single blog post, and by the time this project is complete it will be past the first week of March (speaking from Mar. 1, 2020). 

I'm taking a break from doing the final contestants pages, my own pages, and pink paparazzi pages, and instead taking time to show what I've done so far.
This is a way to switch up my project a bit, and pink may start to feel less exciting half way into March, so I want to get some of these pages shared while Valentine colors are still festive.

The opening host of Feb. Wogue is Mirage in red, my chosen model for Valentine Wogue's front cover. I enjoyed choosing selections of papers and elements from Far Far Hill to decorate all the spreads in this series.
I did a bit of collage work, and added some PSE brush textures on some pages, along with simple heart shapes with red foil overlays.
Page 1
Page 2-3
Page 4-5
Page 6-7
Page 8-9
Page 10-11
Page 12-13
Page 14

Kaleidoscope Colors Llamas and More

I put off getting this the last time I was at 5 below, but oh do I love the inviting pastel colors of the cover, and the fact it's LLAMAS. I've come to really enjoy all the llama stuff going around, especially in pastel. This time round I got it, with plans on making a llama and cacti themed book sometime.

This coloring book isn't strictly llama art of course, that's why it says llamas and more, which means a few pages of flowers and cacti, or some other small critters. It even came with markers and glitter glue in silver and pink. Of course the quality is cheap, but that's fine as long as they're fun to use for a bit.

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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Quiet Book Cake

The quiet book cake for my niece's birthday. This project between Mom and I working on it got done fairly fast within less than a month. It was unknowingly the last quiet book page we would be making for my niece, since later she showed no interest in it.

I had designed the items of the pattern, the cake, the plate, candles, and changeable frosting layers which was my added twist to the cake. Other quiet book cakes online didn't have changeable frosting layers.

Mom did most of the sewing, I was left to do the sprinkle beading on the top of the cake and pink frosting layer.
The cake was so much fun with all the changing pieces you could add wherever you wanted. The candles could slip in and out of slits on the cake which I hand stitched around using a type of blanket stitch.
Adding the variety of pastel beads as sprinkles to the cake was super time consuming, but it was pretty when it was done.
I helped pick the colors and fabric styles, liked how the little pom pom trim that outlined the cake felt, loved the colors of the flower buttons Mom added to the white scallop frosting edge, and did my best to add seed beads all over the pink frosting edge which looked really cute when it was done.

The best part about these projects to me was not only seeing patterns I helped draw become a reality, but also the fact there's leftovers after every project that's started, which I look forward to using for other crafs.

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