Saturday, July 6, 2019

Warframe Lotus Fashion

Just in time for Tenno Con 2019. I've had this project started but unfinished in my files for a month, when it was created Jun 5, 2019. Lotus themed, Warframe based fashion designs. This project started shortly after I had done Lotus Symmetry images, but was put on hold while I worked through some other things.

I mainly avoided this after doing all of the outline work, experiencing burn out, and not wanting to work on the colors. Returning to it after working with the Lotus color pallet, to design some Lotus and Tenno Con scrapbook papers for myself helped reignite my mood for coloring.

Starting off is the Lotus basic design series, inspired by the idea of what you could see as an actual product sold as Warframe merchandise. The idea of a Warframe symbol hoodie had been brewing in my mind for awhile, it paired in with a later idea of what I would make a Warframe messenger bag look like. 
The Warframe messenger bag came to mind when the official Warframe site was having a design contest a month before Tennocon, for Tennocon gear. One of the design challenges was to make a picture for putting on a Warframe themed messenger bag. 

I didn't participate in that contest, but I did get a flood of ideas from their list of products you could design for. 
The Lotus hoodie is partially inspired by Lotus's actual outfit in game, mainly the optional overlay flap that buttons at the side. The overlay part of the hoodie was inspired by the image above.

I left out certain details and aimed for a style that could be worn as an everyday clothing item. the tights and accent swirl patterns were left flat instead of having lines in them.

The hoodie shape was partly inspired by the low hanging, spooky hoodies similar to that of the design from Assassins Creed.
I had also worked out a full design of Lotus armor based off of the Lotus symmetry image. Not completely exact to it, but mostly, with included boots and an example of the hoodie overlay used as some kind of vest/sash.
I also had sketched out a bell flared, split sleeve shirt for the series, used in different design variations all made using selected and adjusted elements from the main designs.

From left to right. Hooded with shirt overlay and boots. Middle is basic, the shirt with tights, (note the shirt has Lotus symbol lace, lining the bottom of the sleeves). Right is a blossoming Lotus skirt with the shirt.
I played around with other collections too. The left versions are like closed Lotus flowers, the right versions are blossoming and flower bud styles.
Finally there's the stage of fully blooming Lotus flowers (left and right at the top), blossoming split bodice designs (left and right bottom), and triple, three flowered closed blossom designs in the middle. 

The split bodice designs partly relate to how Lotus's actual outfit has some gold accents, including down between her low cut top.

Though this was supposed to be Warframe based, there is a lack of the Warframe/Lotus symbol in all designs following after the main ones. They still follow the general theme color wise and weird, ripply design wise though.

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