Monday, July 8, 2019

Lotus Flower Glow-Warframe Fashion

Fairy wispy Lotus (left). Messenger Lotus (right)

I'm back with a huge collection more of all the designs created from selected parts of a single outfit. This is an extended series of Warframe Lotus Fashion, its sister post. Originally the colors I chose for the first series all followed the cold, or calm colors of the Warframe Lotus pallet.

All the costumes as bases ended up having gray purple as the main color scheme, excluding the Lotus armor design. It's after a conversation with a game buddy, and sharing my first post with him, that I was encouraged to try some brighter colors. He felt the designs were great as a whole, liked the messenger bag, but felt the colors would be more interesting in warmer shades.

After it was suggested to me to try some brighter colors, a whole flood of extra ideas came to mind. It was thought that I was basing a fashion series off of my Lotus themed Rhino, which of course gave me more ideas, but it also helped me decide to take the Lotus fashion series and apply my favorite colors I've been using for my frames. This brought a whole new level of life to the collection, and it's now more of a neon Lotus series.

I stuck just changing up the colors of the hoodie designs, tights, boots, and messenger bag (shown right). then I explored other element combinations, not all of which are the same as the last design sets. The theme that seemed to "blossom" in this is more of a fairy kind of design, leaning more towards the look of a Lotus flower.

A few of the designs were also made to look like they have wings. Some of that inspiration may have derived from the Lotus wisp themed scrapbook paper I had designed recently. 
Winged Wisp Lotus (left). Layered Lotus (right)

The winged Lotus design has a couple of the base designs from the sister post in it, just changed up with different colors. I really enjoyed playing with all the different layer options. The middle one at the top in the Layered Lotus panel is like a ball gown.
Full bloom Lotus (left). Lotus flower Glow (right).

Full bloom Lotus panel is basically a solid version of the Lotus flower glow panel. The flower glow panel was experimental as I worked out a few ideas for the possible future theme of Lotus ephemera made into a fashion design.

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