Saturday, July 13, 2019

Celestial Squid-Fashion

Celestial Squid, sheer gold collection.

These designs are based off of actual items I have in my dress up stuff. Black tights, a sheer gold with dot line curtain used as a cape, a bathing suit similar to this design, celestial patterned exercise tights, green sheer fabric used as a veil, silver gold sandals, and a hand crafted paper mache helmet.

I played around with the elements to make different designs after setting down the base ones (upper right corner).

I had started making these designs based around an idea relating to Warframe. I thought of how there are different people from different planets, with odd clothes. Then I thought, what my operator might like wearing, and I thought up these designs, some of which could actually be cos-played.
Celestial Squid Space Dust.

The space dust collection is based around an actual bathing suit I have, a sheer multicolored pastel fabric with sparkly lines, my paper mache helmet, and a pair of celestial patterned tights.
The old helmet was mention in a different post- Squid Helmet

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