Thursday, July 18, 2019

Calvina Mermaid-Mermay

Gray'scale' (left). Transformation (right).

Gray "scale" Calvina mermaid. I call her the Calvina mermaid because the figure used to make this is from a Calvin Klein 'Obsession' perfume ad. 

This is a long overdue digital collage that was meant to be part of the Mermay collection. a Mermaid image for July is still fitting though.

I chose a gray fish to match the grayscale image of the mermaid. The touch of peachy pink seemed like a nice addition with the gray, so I kept those original colors of the fish. I used some scrapbook paper designs from Far Far Hill as the background and seaweed. I also used a texture background that I put together myself to create swirling energy in the "Transformation" picture. The rocks and fish elements were selected from pictures found on Google images.

I didn't originally intend for the Calvina mermaid to have three different versions, but as I played it happened, and then I got some small story ideas behind what each picture is about.

"Gray'scale'" is Calvina in her basic mermaid form. The "Transform" image is a moment when she's magically changing into something new, maybe she wanted legs.
Sea legs

After the magical transformation, she did get legs, but not in the way she expected. She was still like a fish, but with fin feet and the ability to walk on the ocean floor, or venture onto land and become amphibious. 
Here she walked onto shore, leaning against the beach rocks to support her newly formed legs. Her fin feet sunk into the damp sand as rain came down around her.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Celestial Squid-Fashion

Celestial Squid, sheer gold collection.

These designs are based off of actual items I have in my dress up stuff. Black tights, a sheer gold with dot line curtain used as a cape, a bathing suit similar to this design, celestial patterned exercise tights, green sheer fabric used as a veil, silver gold sandals, and a hand crafted paper mache helmet.

I played around with the elements to make different designs after setting down the base ones (upper right corner).

I had started making these designs based around an idea relating to Warframe. I thought of how there are different people from different planets, with odd clothes. Then I thought, what my operator might like wearing, and I thought up these designs, some of which could actually be cos-played.
Celestial Squid Space Dust.

The space dust collection is based around an actual bathing suit I have, a sheer multicolored pastel fabric with sparkly lines, my paper mache helmet, and a pair of celestial patterned tights.
The old helmet was mention in a different post- Squid Helmet

Monday, July 8, 2019

Lotus Flower Glow-Warframe Fashion

Fairy wispy Lotus (left). Messenger Lotus (right)

I'm back with a huge collection more of all the designs created from selected parts of a single outfit. This is an extended series of Warframe Lotus Fashion, its sister post. Originally the colors I chose for the first series all followed the cold, or calm colors of the Warframe Lotus pallet.

All the costumes as bases ended up having gray purple as the main color scheme, excluding the Lotus armor design. It's after a conversation with a game buddy, and sharing my first post with him, that I was encouraged to try some brighter colors. He felt the designs were great as a whole, liked the messenger bag, but felt the colors would be more interesting in warmer shades.

After it was suggested to me to try some brighter colors, a whole flood of extra ideas came to mind. It was thought that I was basing a fashion series off of my Lotus themed Rhino, which of course gave me more ideas, but it also helped me decide to take the Lotus fashion series and apply my favorite colors I've been using for my frames. This brought a whole new level of life to the collection, and it's now more of a neon Lotus series.

I stuck just changing up the colors of the hoodie designs, tights, boots, and messenger bag (shown right). then I explored other element combinations, not all of which are the same as the last design sets. The theme that seemed to "blossom" in this is more of a fairy kind of design, leaning more towards the look of a Lotus flower.

A few of the designs were also made to look like they have wings. Some of that inspiration may have derived from the Lotus wisp themed scrapbook paper I had designed recently. 
Winged Wisp Lotus (left). Layered Lotus (right)

The winged Lotus design has a couple of the base designs from the sister post in it, just changed up with different colors. I really enjoyed playing with all the different layer options. The middle one at the top in the Layered Lotus panel is like a ball gown.
Full bloom Lotus (left). Lotus flower Glow (right).

Full bloom Lotus panel is basically a solid version of the Lotus flower glow panel. The flower glow panel was experimental as I worked out a few ideas for the possible future theme of Lotus ephemera made into a fashion design.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Warframe Lotus Fashion

Just in time for Tenno Con 2019. I've had this project started but unfinished in my files for a month, when it was created Jun 5, 2019. Lotus themed, Warframe based fashion designs. This project started shortly after I had done Lotus Symmetry images, but was put on hold while I worked through some other things.

I mainly avoided this after doing all of the outline work, experiencing burn out, and not wanting to work on the colors. Returning to it after working with the Lotus color pallet, to design some Lotus and Tenno Con scrapbook papers for myself helped reignite my mood for coloring.

Starting off is the Lotus basic design series, inspired by the idea of what you could see as an actual product sold as Warframe merchandise. The idea of a Warframe symbol hoodie had been brewing in my mind for awhile, it paired in with a later idea of what I would make a Warframe messenger bag look like. 
The Warframe messenger bag came to mind when the official Warframe site was having a design contest a month before Tennocon, for Tennocon gear. One of the design challenges was to make a picture for putting on a Warframe themed messenger bag. 

I didn't participate in that contest, but I did get a flood of ideas from their list of products you could design for. 
The Lotus hoodie is partially inspired by Lotus's actual outfit in game, mainly the optional overlay flap that buttons at the side. The overlay part of the hoodie was inspired by the image above.

I left out certain details and aimed for a style that could be worn as an everyday clothing item. the tights and accent swirl patterns were left flat instead of having lines in them.

The hoodie shape was partly inspired by the low hanging, spooky hoodies similar to that of the design from Assassins Creed.
I had also worked out a full design of Lotus armor based off of the Lotus symmetry image. Not completely exact to it, but mostly, with included boots and an example of the hoodie overlay used as some kind of vest/sash.
I also had sketched out a bell flared, split sleeve shirt for the series, used in different design variations all made using selected and adjusted elements from the main designs.

From left to right. Hooded with shirt overlay and boots. Middle is basic, the shirt with tights, (note the shirt has Lotus symbol lace, lining the bottom of the sleeves). Right is a blossoming Lotus skirt with the shirt.
I played around with other collections too. The left versions are like closed Lotus flowers, the right versions are blossoming and flower bud styles.
Finally there's the stage of fully blooming Lotus flowers (left and right at the top), blossoming split bodice designs (left and right bottom), and triple, three flowered closed blossom designs in the middle. 

The split bodice designs partly relate to how Lotus's actual outfit has some gold accents, including down between her low cut top.

Though this was supposed to be Warframe based, there is a lack of the Warframe/Lotus symbol in all designs following after the main ones. They still follow the general theme color wise and weird, ripply design wise though.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Vybe Bot

Vybe Bot was formed from resized and selected parts of a single image. I found the shape of the image interesting, and ended up making something with feet that remind me of a Bionicle.

Vybe may be a battery operated or high energy bot that recharges by being plugged into a power source. When active it may be able to drill through debris with its sharp fingers, part of a search and rescue robot team.

Robo Monkey

Holding On (left). Climbing the Ladder (right).

Robo Monkey. During a browse for a back massager there were some common ones that gave me ideas for a robotic monkey. It started with the tail and legs.

This set of digital collages lead to me doing a few other robot collages using the same images I used in these starter pictures. The Vybe Bot collage came second, and then Bopsy Bot collages came last.

Climbing the Ladder was the first robo monkey experiment I started. It looks a bit odd, but it was meant to seem like a humanoid structure made to appear monkey like. It gave me other ideas for a possible drawing.

"Holding On" was the second attempt, when I found a more interesting way to make an actual monkey bot. I only needed to use selections of a few images for the monkey itself.
I was rather pleased with this design, and might try drawing it too.

Boo Bots-Bopsy Bots

Boo Bots was the prototype name for this collection. Later I decided to call them Bopsy Bots. Boo Bots may be used later for another collection.

Boo Bot/ Bopsy Bots could be the name of a brand of robot from some strange world.

These digital collages started randomly. I started getting ideas during a brows for a back massager. Certain shapes, colors, lighting of random pictures can sometimes just trigger an idea. A little playing around lead me to finding many more ideas along the way. 
Bopsy Broadcast

The star of the show, Bopsy the broadcasting bot. She does her radio shows directly from her bedroom balcony. She plays many a fun, bouncy tune, hence her name, Bopsy.

All items, including the background that form this digital collage are selected images/parts of images of different kinds of back massagers. Any form of technology or random household items can give me ideas though, pictures of vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, microwaves, the list goes on.

Left version is with a vest, right is without. I couldn't decide which one I liked more.
Branda Bot

Branda sometimes logs in to her own private server where she can meditate and run through algorithms of most probable outcomes to happen. She's also searches through Digi-News, and submits articles that have sometimes predicted the future based off of her algorithms.

Here she views Digi-News on her holographic newspaper with touch sensitivity.
Branda's main setting is the first, but I also made her blue, and did a version with warmer colors for the background.
There's also the inverted version, which I call Branda Ice Mode (kind of reminds me of an Apple product).
Related image
The blue version was made around the idea of how Branda reminds me of a Warframe. Her head shape specifically reminds me of Trinity's Strega skin, shown here.