Thursday, May 16, 2019

Lotus Symmetry

During a sketch dump in Firealpaca using the symmetry brush, I was surprised to suddenly find myself drawing Lotus from Warframe. At first it was unintentional, a sketch I made had a shape to it that reminded me of Lotus, and then I added some extra features to bring out the idea. 

the second attempt was done purposely, and at first was just the top half resembling Lotus partially, but not completely the same to the actual design of her character from the game. I added to the bust I had drawn by merging another symmetry sketch I had done of an armored torso. Both examples shown above and left.

I didn't use the full armor design at first, I only selected the lower part. I was liking the more elegant upper body of the first design.

Once I was satisfied with the outline, I started on making some different variations of an illustration. I used gradients for the background, some selected wispy brush designs, painted under the outline and hoped for the best. 

A small fact, the gold details on the lower sleeves of Lotus are actually from a new set of dot letters I drew myself, and used a site called Calligraphr to make my own text. I found the text was better as a texture, not as something readable. I really like it. Details and line work were tweaked along the way.

I experimented with different looks for the poster. The main one was with the fully outlined and detailed Lotus on a gradient background of contrasting neon purple shades. I used some selected fantasy brushes to make the wisps, then played around with adding a circular frame behind Lotus.

There are two kinds of backgrounds, one with a neon glow in a diamond shape, the other a basic flat gradient that goes from light to dark (shown right).

I also played around with overlay and color burn options of Lotus on the two different backgrounds. The results of these two might just be my favorites. 
They have a more atmospheric feel, like you're on Lotus's ship, walking down that big, spooky hallway to her throne room.

The second versions of the poster are of just the color without outlines, and the form was kept as is instead of slightly stretched to make it taller.

I played with a diamond shape as a frame for the painted version.

Last design is of Lotus in armor. I decided to fully merge the outlines I had shown at the beginning. I actually think this design might be pretty cool in more detail. It might be on my idea list of fashion design sometime.

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