Friday, April 12, 2019

Pacha Soap Fairy and Mermaid- Digital collage

Pacha soap fairy. A digital collage set made from selected elements of my own photos. I had made the fairy with the thought of a soap ad in mind, liking the scent of the jasmine soap I had gotten from Whole Foods. Unfortunately I ended up not being able to use the soap, but the scent of jasmine tied in with the inspiration to make a fairy or ballerina. 

I went through some different stages with the outfit, from full leotard to just a half top with tutu. I also went through different stages of hair style, starting off with poofy.
These three photos are what made the picture. The center one is what inspired the pictures in the first place. I saw a shape in it that made me think of someone skating, seeing sort of a torso and the beginning of thighs. I ended up using the center image to make the suit and draw a form around it, then I used the actual soap bar to create texture for my drawn silhouette.

The Pacha bag is obvious, I used it to make flowers and clothes for my fairy.
I had tried out a different hair style that seemed more Nouveau, made a fairy with that hair and then tried making a picture that could stand on its own with that hair style. 

The Bath Bubble Beauty (right) is what came out of that experiment. I used the same structure, just aimed to make it more like a soap ad with bubbles.
I created the bubbles using a crop shape in PSE over some photos of my new sketch book's cover. To add more interest and a title, I also used the word sketch.
A soap mermaid formed from my play with the photos of Apr. 1-2, 2019. I stretched out the soap bar texture and made it blue to create water, then added some of the pink bubbles from the sketch picture. A few adjustments of the silhouette gave me a better form to work on, and I created a tail using selections of the mermaid's bra. The fin and crown were both the same element just changed in size. I was surprised by how well it worked.

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