Sunday, March 17, 2019

Warframe- Six Shamrocks Fashion Frames

I have a theme for every month, this months theme for my Warframes is the team of Six Shamrock, a St. Patrick's Day celebration. 
Clover Clobber-The four leaf clover

Rhino in the shade of dark green and chartreuse, with his lucky four knuckled clobber gloves. You don't want to get into a bar fight with him. 
Fairy Green- luck is everything.

I'm no leaporchaun, I'm the fairy king, the magic of the forest, the luck within the four leaf clover.

Oberon's four horns in green are like grass and the front of this chosen helmet is like the clover. A bit of orange was added for variety.
A toast to my fellow forest dwellers.
Easy come easy go- among the green I'll not be seen.

Sometimes luck can be as quick as a blink, Volt as the high speed circumstances of life of fast gain and fast loss.
Green is the new red.

I love the color balance of Ember and the green shades I chose for her. Representing the red haired Irish lady and the fiery passion that comes with it, but this red head has green hair today.

Spring thaw.

Spring is coming closer, and Frost is no longer blue, but trying to keep it cool in his Spring Thaw design.

Lower left picture, that looks painful. It's like he's throwing up icicles.
O Maggie.

Of course Mag has the perfect name for today, and it brings back an Irish tune in my head, Oh Maggie, specifically the rendition of the song done by the High Kings.
The weapon skins given during winter solstice back in December also serve perfectly for St. Patrick's Day. Celtic notwork applies to many seasons.
Special guest-Riesling

I asked if anyone else would like to make a St. Patrick's Day frame, and Riesling gladly participated. Here's his.