Tuesday, February 12, 2019

February Bracelets

Shell and Stone braclets- Feb. 5, 2019

When the bead sale is 60% off at Joann's, we tend to jump on the chance to grab different kinds of stones, shells, or things of interest like glass beads for accents.

The stock pile shown here, along with previous packets of stone beads were all waiting to be be made into bracelets and other items. I tend to make many bracelets and very little of anything else. Bracelets are easy after all, especially when it just involves stringing beads onto elastic thread.

I'll admit that returning to Joann's and buying stuff though is starting to get out of hand considering our supplies are in storage and that's what we need for getting back to our projects.

White shell (type unknown).

I made Mom multiple bracelets. This white shell one which had a nice sheen when held in the light. 

Howlite (which reminds me of roasted marshmallows).

Black shell (type unknown, could pass as faux labradorite).

I really like this shell and plan to make a bracelet for myself out of it. It has a lot of fire.

Amber mixed with possible amber.

This was a bracelet that was stretched out, and Mom wanted the metal pieces in it removed. It had some spacers and a lion head in the middle. I replace the lion head with an amber stone bead that looked like wood grain for a pattern. This bracelet could possibly be the same type of stone, but I'm not positive.

Amber stone.

I made a full amber bracelet for myself, putting the whitest bead in the center. I tend to put the palest, darkest, or most unique bead in the bunch at the center with most of my bracelets.

The color of this one specifically, reminds me of limeade with ice.

Agate with glass.

I made two agate bracelets, one without glass beads for Mom, and one with glass beads and a dark blue, slightly smaller bead at the center. I really like this one, so does Mom, but then Mom likes anything blue.
I used glass beads as spacers because there weren't enough stones to make two whole bracelets, and glass or wood can get wet, are neutral, and won't rust or turn green over time like metal spacers.
It kind of makes me think of ice, or Cinderella. 

Amazonite with glass.

There was only enough of this one for a single bracelet. I should have added more of the glass beads as spacers and excluded some of the stones, but I wanted to keep all of the stones and only gave it a little sparkle.


I had finally made these into a bracelet, having enough for two, but I don't know what kind of stone it is, having found it at A.C. Moore.

A display of Mom's many bracelets. That's not even all of them. :P

Feb. 12, 2019

Later in the night I set up my new table which unfortunately has gone through several stages of cleaning afterward in attempts to get rid of the mildew odor.

Dark and white shell, abalone shell, and rutilated quartz.

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