Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Warframe-Pink For Ordis-Tempest of Garyx Ordis's Heart Contest

@everyone Happy Pink Holiday! You all know what this ping means.... Event Time!!! To celebrate (since the market has practically free pink palettes and other pink hearted things :heart_decoration: ) we are going to have a contest! Details below!
Tempest of Garyx Ordis's Heart Contest
When: *Submissions* February 14th -  Feburary 21st 1700 (5:00 PM) PT *Voting* through Feburary 24th. Winners announced at 1700 (5:00PM) PT
Where: #current_event
Categories: Pink for Ordis Fashion Designs - A Valentine for Ordis - Warframe is Better with Friends
PRIZES Pink for Ordis Fashion Design: Mirage Prime + Forma Bundle A Valentine For Ordis: Nova Prime + Heart Nyth Bundle (15) Chocolate is Better with Friends: Heart Nyth Small Bundle (10) + Star Amarast Small Bundle (10) for each member
Details Pink for Ordis Fashion Warframe (may include Tenno): Show off your best outfit for Ordis using the Valentine Palette available in the market! (Other palettes are acceptable as long as it fits the theme) Post a screenshot of your designs in #current_event. Please do not post more than one screenshot. One entry available per participant. A Valentine For Ordis: Make a Valentine's Day Card for Ordis featuring your Warframe. Post your valentine in #current_event Please do not post more than one image. One entry available per participant. Chocolate is Better with Friends: Pose as a group(max 4 people - we only have so many trades :cry:) to do your best to impress Ordis! Have one person post your submission in #current_event and tag all participantsPlease do not post more than one image. One entry available per group.
Feb. 14, 2019

Today the event board lit up in the Discord of my game clan. As I had mentioned in the post, My Christmas 2018 Warframes , I had conceptualized an idea for a Warframe themed Valentine's Day fashion show.

The idea of having characters pose as couples for extra fun, matching or individual was one of the ideas. My ideas for a Valentine's Day themed event came about because I thought it would be fun for more people of the clan to interact. The ideas weren't fully discussed, but some of my other side concepts were to have judging on frames individually, judging on frames as couples, and then if the administrators and participants really wanted to be silly, someone could have played Cupid and surprised everyone by having the frames they feel look best as a couple stand together.

Those ideas are just on the back burner of concepts on my list. I did discuss having an event this month, but due to busy schedules, holding an actual pink fashion show couldn't be done. Shasta did announce an event that was a spin off of my suggestions though.

Her take on a Valentine event actually inspired me more, and the prizes seem really good this time. Not only did she go with the Valentine theme, but she also held the event the way I had suggested might be easier for all players to actually make a vote, by sharing screen shots of their fashion frames.

As always in my designing sprees, I created a collection of imagery for several designs, including some inspired by the titles of the three events listed.

Pink Passion.

As soon as I saw the Valentine pallet on the market, I jumped on it. I also bought bunches of heart lights and heart arrows (even though I didn't need to). I wasn't sure how it all worked, and lost some credits, but that doesn't mean much when you have millions.

Pink Passion was the first color scheme I put together. It was done quickly and without too much thought. I had chosen to build Ember specifically for the event, seeing she reminds me of Coaline, a character from one one of my stories who will at some point have her own specialty Valentine's themed episode.

Fire is also passionate in theme, so that also fits the Valentine's Day thing. The color schemes of this first one remind me of a kid's Valentine card or a bag of candy, complete with the atomos and zenistar, a fire ax.

Pink Phoenix Cupid

My favorite color combo, which is a classic on the color wheel of combos, is pink and black. This one ended up being my favorite as far as pink goes.

Ember as the pink phoenix cupid represents undying love. One poke from her arrows and you'll never break the spell no matter how irrational it is. I chose specific weapons to look like a double set of wings on her back, complete with the atomos which shoots pink fire in this case.

Originally she was meant to just be kind of like an alien cupid with just a single set of wings, but double wings and then the idea of a pink phoenix came to mind after I had built her phoenix helmet.

Originally she had the heart arrow skin equipped, but it retired before I could get to the photo shoot. Maybe next year she'll be complete.
I also played with heart frames to show single displays of particular images shared further down.

A little later after everything else I also played with other color placements of pink, white, and red. This reminds me of strawberry shortcake or raspberry mousse 

Love Chocolate Covered Cherry.

Pink and black are colors that can stand on their own aside from Valentine's Day, and I wanted to explore some other color combos like things with red. I explored using red, extremely dark red, and very pale pink for this one. The results reminded me of cherry cordials, specifically the kinds with creamy white filling.
I'm talking about this kind on the left.

The design was topped off with a red heart on the chest to give it more of a specialty Valentine feel, made for a sweetheart or a sweet tooth.

My favorite part about the design is the look of the hair and how well it balanced with dark red brown and pale pink, like cream mixing with chocolate.

The following images are displays done in captura to show off the character and show more artistic angles of her.
First picture is to show her holding her bow 'wings' and still wearing her double wing blades. 

I tend to do quick screen shots in a Corpus setting for the sake of better lighting.

Look closely, what's that on her neck? Careful, you might get cooties (bottom left).

Back view to show off her double wings (lower right).

I also wanted to show what she looked like with her normal helmet (left), and her backdraft helmet (right) on the pink form.

I 'aim' to please.

Quick displays of what she looks like with her bow wings on her back and her blades wings on the side.

With just the bow on her back, she looks like she lost her feathers.

Following scenes are where things get fun, shooting pink fire.

Breaking glass, losing control. The overhead view in the lower right is one of my favorites for showing her wings. It also gives me ideas for a symbol to possibly draw.

Swirling energy.

I did other pictures of the alternative designs too, pink passion is just as pink in this lighting as any.

Cherry Cordial, displayed without spikes and just a 'cherry bomb', the atomos made to look like a cherry cordial which shoots its filling at you.

I wasn't sure if the Corpus scene was doing much good for a Valentine's look, so I tried making a scene with a pink background and gave my pink phoenix some extra feathers.

Eye of the storm, eyes of fire.

I like making interesting scenes and wanted to capture the energy and fire of pink Ember. These overhead shots made me think of irises.

Playing around on a dark, pink red background and using multiple abilities at the same time while using the melee weapons.

In some of these pictures it looks like she's wearing a dress of fire, and other time it looks like she's jumping between two dimensions.

Dancing for you, posing for you. The bottom two I like for their playfulness. Bottom left "Do I look pretty?". Bottom right "Check this out".

Center of the storm. She kind of looked like a bird in a massive pink nest.

These displays were for showing off the frame itself, then came the Valentine for Ordis, which is pretty amusing.

This poem with one of my favorite head on shots wasn't the first Valentine, and isn't really a Valentine for Ordis but rather something for my own amusement. The poem kind of just popped in my head, and relates to someone talking about Ember (or in other cases is a poem based around one of my own fire themed characters from another story).There are two versions of it, one with a text adjustment.

This was my first and official Valentine for Ordis card, adjusted in PSE. the heart shape within the energy was formed using a few copy and paste techniques. I saw the heart within the original screenshot and wanted to complete it. 
I also found the swirling movement in the center from the weapons kind of looked like a double helix, hinting chemistry, or compatibility.

These are the original pictures during my experiments for making a Valentine. Some angles look like she's flying, other's look like she's painting, and from above the heart shape disappears. The angle causes trickery to the eye and that's when I saw a heart shape. I knew then I found the right picture for a Valentine.

Wings of the pink phoenix cupid.

This seemed pretty cool, like she had wings made of energy and was floating.

Slashing the fire, upper right one looks like a good picture for the caption, "Draw me like one of your French girls".

More fire scenes, sitting in the clouds.

Front and back view on light pink, just a basic display of her as a simple pink cupid.

Playful dancing and posing, could also be fun with captions.

I even built a sentinel for the the theme, and gave it matching colors. Why did I pick dethcube? One, the spiky appearance looked right with the wings, but also it reminded me of the joke from the portal games. The love cube, love as a concept.

Back on the orbiter, "I'll light the way. Come on, take my hand, I dare you".

To end the celebration of pink I made my orbiter pink temporarily, and decorated the entrance way in the operator room with hear lights, using it as an archway to show Ember. This is for the love of the operator. :P

Chocolate is better with friends.

Here's when I start going above and beyond in my themes for the event. The third event is to make a picture of multiple friends posed together. Originally my idea was for two people to stand together, four can also be fun, but sticking with only two was convenient for me. 

The title Shasta gave the third event is what really inspired the following collections. Chocolate is better with friends instantly reminded me of my cherry cordial Ember. This made me think that having a theme of chocolate for Valentine frames was fun, and instead of going with Valentine colors purely, I went with the theme of Valentine chocolate colors.

Above is my ultimate display of my favorite scenes put together in chocolate heart frames made to look like chocolates displayed in a box. An assortment of favorites, again I did use PSE to make this display, added lacy accents to images that couldn't me made into full hearts, and am super glad I had scanned pink tissue paper awhile ago.

Staty, a buddy, isn't part of the clan, so I don't know if this will count in the contest, but it was fun anyway.
I told him I was going for a Valentine chocolate theme, asked if he'd like to pose with me and he was fine with that. He chose Ash to be chocolate covered caramel. I realized it's funny he chose Ash, a name that goes well with Ember.

Basically the theme is these two kinds of chocolates together.

I chose the derelict captura scene which I acquired recently for its warm light and shades of gold that looked right with chocolate colors. The first scenes of Staty and I were just standing around to show our frames.

Then he knelt, so I knelt, and took more pictures.

I got this idea to bow, the bow making me think of a heart shape. I needed to get the timing right, so I made a voice call with Staty that way we could get things perfect. I aligned my character, we counted to three, we bowed, and then I took pictures.

Date night, sitting in silence. Sometimes you might know someone so well that words can be spoken without actually speaking.

In the derelict captura scene Staty actually found a nice spot in the lower deck, of a table and benches that were shiny and clean. It seemed like a good place to have our frames sit like they were meeting to talk.

So close, yet so far.

These following scenes are another experiment I've labeled "On top of the world" and "Worlds apart". The circular traps seemed like cool things to stand on top of as though they were planets and I was creating a museum display.

Sometimes in a connection you can feel close, yet far away all at once, that's one of the representations of these scenes. This can also just be two characters observing each other from a distance and being silly.

Ember bows from across the way.

I finally joined the character on one orb, but for some reason the hand shake option hasn't been working. Instead I used that to my advantage by creating an illusion of the two embracing each other and patting each others sides in a cuddly hug.

This ended the chocolates with friends scenes.

Afterwards Staty and I discussed colors and designs. He showed me his version of toxic colors on Saryn prime with accessories added. 
He liked the really bright pink Ember, but felt it could use some contrast, and I tried out orange, it didn't look too bad, but I got better ideas shortly after that.

On the subject of chocolates and Valentine's Day, I wanted to explore making each of my frames into a chocolate truffle theme. There's this random box of Valentine themed chocolate truffles in the kitchen with six different flavors. I decided to base each of my frames off of one of these chocolates.

Frost as- Cafe Au Lait.

I have the warm light scenes for atmosphere, and the bright light pictures for showing the colors as they are. I also played around with different helmets.

Mag as- Raspberry Mascarpone.

Oberon as-Mousse Au Chocolat.

I think this one is actually the most appetizing next to Ember as the cherry cordial. Plus it's funny that Oberon looks like a goat and represents mousse, which sounds like moose.

Volt as-Bourbon vanilla.

Chosen for his arm bands that look like the stripe designs on the bourbon vanilla truffle.

Ember as- Strawberry Rhubarb.

Later this design also served well for another theme, a flamingo. She was just given different weapons besides the swirly looking staff that reminds me of whipped cream or some kind of filling.

Rhino as- Tiramisu.

The truffle version of the dessert is dark and has little detail, the actual dessert has more cream colors in it, so I made his design closer to the actual chocolate cake dessert.

The Glass Cupid

A last minute surprise are these fashion frames shared with me by another buddy who I've been talking to about my previous designs.
He decided to just have some fun and share his own take on the themes, the first one being Gara the glass cupid. I guess she's good at shattering hearts and being a natural heart breaker.
Chocolate Frost

He also made a chocolate Frost which looks really nice in my opinion. It would have looked good with cherry cordial Ember in the chocolate with friends collection. This makes me think of chocolate truffles and rich, chocolate cakes.