Sunday, December 30, 2018

Warframe Nutcracker and the Candy Cane Princess

I showed one of my gaming buddies the post for my Christmas frames, told him about the fashion show, and talked about the game concepts I had for double frame poses as characters of a series.
He noticed the part about my concept for the Nutcracker themed Warframe series and offered to make a Nutcracker themed character to pose with mine.
He was willing to do a frame pose tonight, but wondered which character he should do. My brain went all over the place and I rambled through the ideas.

Finally we settled with the Nutcracker since I mentioned that character a lot.
He showed me his design stages so I could give opinion on what should be adjusted. Nothing seemed to be clicking right, red seemed too red, white seemed to need more red. He chose Limbo to represent the Nutcracker because Limbo has a funny hat. He added some armor to make him look a bit more buff, but this Nutcracker seemed to need a cape.

Looking back at it now, his first choice of red, and his first choice of a cape may have been better than my advised tweaks, but at the time something about them didn't feel right to me. 
His first cape choice for NutLimbo was actually pretty interesting, though I think the design didn't seem very flowing or, I want to say prince like.
He showed me his collection of flowing capes that he had, and I ended up liking the one displayed in the upper right corner. I liked the way it flopped and flowed, and also liked the odd collar of it. In some ways the cape choice may be a bit more menacing than traditional Nutcracker designs, but I like a little menacing and powerful feeling.

I felt like that cape or even the one below that design would have served well for the chocolate theme too.
The cape was the only solution to balance the colors between red and white. At first it still seemed too red, so my buddy added some black and the gold made it look washed out. Then he changed up the trim to be black as well and that seemed to look better to me.

Once we settled on a design, he added a fancy sword and a hammer powered pistol to complete the Nutcracker Limbo.
In my captura setting we stood our characters together, the Nutcracker meets the Candy Cane Princess on his journey. They both happen to have Helios companions too. I would have made a sugarplum fairy, but I don't have Titania.
May I have this dance?

Random poses done mostly by Staty helped me get some simple scene shots in a few minutes. I believe for better interaction scenes the only way to truly pull it off is to screenshot random movements of character individually, and then paste them together in a collage scene. 
Only other way to attempt something interesting is to give instructions on what emoticons both people should use, and hope something good comes out of it.

If there's ever a double photo shoot again I think I know of a few ways to make it work better. Hopefully I'll be more focused if there is a next time. :P
Kneeling to a princess.
Ready to fight beside the princess.
Let's pose together. Why are you standing like that?

Candy cane Mag has a bit of a sassy side. Limbo is just showing off. :P
I'll pretend you didn't say that.

This scene and the way the characters are kind of looking away from each other makes me think something awkward was said or done.
Side and back poses to show off the details, capes, and weapons. This small collection turned out fun.

I wanted to see what the red Nutcracker Limbo would look like with Mag, and also wanted to explore screenshot collage. Apparently it is pretty interesting, and I think the red one may have been more appropriate.

I played with some filters on this collage for fun. Lower left is a poster setting, and on the right a sumei filter with outline setting. Poster and cartoon.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

My Christmas 2018 Warframes

There are plenty of art related things having to do with my gaming adventures, specifically in Warframe which allows exploration in customizing the characters you play.  

The in game clan I'm part of, "Tempest of Garyx" has held several fashion shows this past year, and I have joined in nearly all of them (minus the toxin themed one). For the season they held a Christmas themed fashion frame event which I jumped on the chance to join. 

I always think ahead and in multiple directions. No doubt I will have lots of fashion inspiration to draw from the following collection of holiday themed Warframes. From the day the announcement of the event took place (Dec. 17, 2018) till now, I have been planning on what frame to bring to the fashion show. That's two weeks of preparation.
Image result for candy cane princess kelly doll

When I heard about the fashion show, I had recently obtained all the one credit Christmas items offered in the game as seasonal stuff. When I saw the candy cane skin for a weapon, and then found out about the fashion show, I asked myself what frame could I use to make an interesting holiday design.

After a moment it just clicked, Mag and her swirly arm patterns made me think of candy canes and an old drawing I had done of the Candy Cane Princess, a design inspired by the Nutcracker, specifically the Barbie Nutcracker. The above display is the old drawing on the left (which is explained in full detail on this post- Peppermint Princess Palace) and the Kelly doll on the right (which I happen to own). 

I was very inspired by the idea of making frames in themes of the Nutcracker, though I don't have enough frames to properly pull that off. But Titania as the sugarplum fairy or ice fairy would have been a choice. Nesha or wukong would have been tea, Mesha as chocolate, Harrow as coffee, Vauban for Dance of the Mirlitons, Mirage for mother Gigogne and the clowns,Saryn for Dance of the flowers, and Rhino as the nutcracker.

I also imagined it would be fun to have joint character displays of said themed frames, like the nutcracker design posed with the sugarplum fairy design.This concept inspired some ideas for a future fashion show themed for Valentine's Day. 
Mag as the "Candy Cane Princess"

Mag as the "Candy Cane Princess" This color scheme is based off of organic candy canes more so, so it's not full on red and rather a pink.Watch out for her candy cane staff, you'll be hooked on her sugar sweet charm before you know it. She'll pull you in with her magnetic personality,able to pick out a sweet tooth in the crowd. :P
Her side weapon choice in a peppermint candy shooter. Open wide. Her Helios companion is also made to look somewhat like a peppermint candy, blasting you with chill, minty waves and scanning every sweet tooth in sight.

The main gun I chose for her seemed right with the colors, appearing as twisted candy, sculpted into this rifle shape. Not to mention the more intricate details reminded me of elegant frosting or sugar strands you might sometimes see on fancy chocolates or gingerbread cookies during the holidays.

I also chose the Cephalon Simaris sigil for decorating her front and back torso. The shape of it broke up some of the pink and added more stripes to the basic design.

I actually built Mag just for this fashion show specifically.

The smaller gun, an Azima, had a shape that also seemed right for the theme. It was rounded, fitting the other rounded shapes of the design. I imagined peppermint candies being shot out of this thing.

The candy cane skin for an ether reaper was the best part, main inspiration for the design.

I didn't stop after making the pink version. I wanted to explore other color varieties, and my second try was to mix together light blue and pink on white. This had a soft appearance, but not quite a minty candy cane feel. It made me think more of cotton candy or marzipan decorated with white chocolate and little flowers.

The final design I experimented with was with colors that matched the original shades of the candy cane skin. Red and mint green on white. More traditional to holiday color schemes, but the pink still seemed more eye catching.

I did a few screenshots of Candy Cane Mag with companions. The red nose and hat colors I chose for Dale, my Kubrow seemed to compliment Mag version 3. The princess has a guard dog.

And then as mentioned above, here is Helios in matching pink colors to Mag version 1. Helios seemed like a mint shape to me with that rounded form

Gingerbread Mag

Yes that's a pun. Like gingerbread man. The domed head shape of Mag and the placement of colors on her form instantly inspired me to make her look like a gingerbread man.
I added a heart shape to the front for color, and to imply this cookie was made with love. On the back in a light green I added a sigil that reminded me of a gingerbread mans face. 
My favorite part for some reason is the placement of white, like frosting lining the form, holding it together.

Tree Topper

I wanted to explore further in character designs, not just on Mag, and Frost happened to have a helmet that seemed perfect for making a tree topper/snow angel design.

His first design uses gold and light blue, and the weapons are blade fans that made me think of feathers, the tips of this angel's wings.

This tree topper will guard your ornaments and slice down any thieves with razor sharps wing tips. :P

I had trouble figuring out which background color helped him stand out more. Some scenes in captura have better lighting than others.

Snow Angel

I wasn't quite happy with the colors of the first design, but got very excited when I combined a dark blue with gold and teal. This to me personally made a better snow angel design, and made me happy. 

I used all three items that were given in the game as gifts for the teno bon event. A shoulder armor piece that made me think of a wing (I wish they had given us two instead of just one), and then two weapons skins decorated for winter solstice.
The placement of colors and these weapons with this design I think are my favorite as far as Frost's series is concerned. 

To show off those pretty colors better, I did more screenshots of him in a corpus setting with overhead light, and switched up his weapons between solstice designs or wing tips.

My final exploration with frost was to use traditional Christmas colors. It wasn't terrible, Frost as the traditional tree topper, but the balance of color just didn't seem as eye popping as white and blue.

Speaking of white and blue, I love winter shades, even for Christmas, and haven't changed up my ice themed Rhino for months. I gave him the wing shoulder armor too, and wanted to show off the bell knuckle weapons. Jingle Bell Rhino makes sense if you know the song, dashing through the snow and then the chorus of jingle bells which ring on the horse drawn sleigh. Rhino has a dash power, and now has bells on his knuckles.
For better lighting and color display, here's Rhino dashing around and posing with ice blue and gold colors. Originally I called this design the Jingle Bell Basher.

Mistletoe Volt

I had considered making Volt into an elf, but then I remembered this one helmet with a rounded mouth part that kind of made me think of a berry. Mistletoe are berries that can be white or red, with green leaves. I liked that design, and the gold accents reminded me of tinsel or ribbon that sometimes is tied around the stems.
I chose a heart sigil for the chest because of the tradition to kiss under the mistletoe.

I chose another sniper rifle that had more sharp, plant like curves to represent the sticks of mistletoe.
The atomos was my other choice for a weapon because of its round shape, looking like a berry, which is why I made it white with green accents.

And finally this staff seemed to fit the theme with it's round shapes on the end, also reminding me of berries on a stem.

The form with more shown. I chose a different sigil for the back of the frame, that design specifically because of the rounded shapes to further emphasize the berry theme.


Oberon and his horned helmets made me think of krampus in some ways, so I tried making an Oberon krampus, but the color schemes just didn't seem to work and I didn't explore further on this design.This is just a Christmas colored Oberon.

The only way it felt right was in black and red, but black and red really aren't Christmas colors, they're classic villain colors.

That is my collection of Christmas 2018 frames, maybe someday I'll draw fashion designs based off of them.