Thursday, November 29, 2018

Cat Nipped Vampire

I know it's nearly over for Autumn, yet it still looks and feels like Autumn around here, so I haven't lost the taste for it or for themes that are more related to October.

Cat Nipped Vampire was an exploration of digital collage, a mix of scanned elements in my collection and selected imagery from a Halloween shop online. I wanted to test my liking of digital collage, but it seems there are still some non concrete things about it, mainly the fact when done digitally collage seems to have floating objects instead of that solid, glued to the page appearance.

I was inspired to make this odd picture because of the face the vampire head was making, like someone had just stepped on his foot, or in this case like he had been nipped by something.
I used a headless horseman statue for his body, his head was actually severed. All thing in this picture just make me chuckle because the critters are having a scream.

Maybe this vampire doesn't like cats, ran into the wrong alleyway, the lights turned on and no one is happy. Mr Vampit just wants to get home with his jack o lantern, but is having a busy night. 

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