Friday, October 26, 2018

Halloween Rhino

Rhino's Halloween scenes were a nice, dark and spooky setting. The character and his colors might not have been as easy to see in those settings, so I did a screen shot collection of Halloween Rhino on flat black.

His glowing pumpkin blaster shoots green fire and in still shots looks like a flashlight or light saber.
I tend to explore many angles when doing screen shots of a themed character. Some weapon displays and then fun poses of jumping around and making a light show with energized swords.
I kept Rhino in shades of green, black, and orange, but to pull together the Halloween shades I also gave him a purple Helios helper.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Liberty City NY Digital Collage

Page 1 introduction

I made a full variation of pictures for this collection. For easier display I created pages to show all the different types.

The process of scanning a bunch of stuff before tossing it into the recycling can brings up the question, is this worth my time? I wasn't sure how much I'd like the look of collage done digitally since I prefer the depth of actual materials glued together. 

I had this urge to find out if what a digital collage is like if done using actual scanned materials, and discovered I actually really do like the results. A city view with and without the statue of Liberty fell into place as part of my experiment. I had scanned everything I needed to make some variations of a single idea, and when I was done I felt no regret in spending my time at the scanner going through a pile of fliers and other material.

I realized that it still looks like a collage though maybe flatter and nearly seamless. Using actual scanned materials means the paper texture and element texture is there, making it feel more like a real collage. I have a few advantages in doing collage on the computer, one is that there's no gluing. Two is that I can have perfect shapes without using a razor, and three is that I can resize and adjust any selection to make it fit. 
Sure it still lacks a certain depth of a real collage which has been scanned, but it's pretty close and you might not know it wasn't something assembled and then scanned.

The elements I used were scans of a 5 Below plastic bag, selections of a chocolate box and flier, a chocolate bar wrapper, a selection of fire from a spicy chip bag, and images from a Geico magazine. 

My ideas can still be expressed despite the fact I'm having to get rid of the collected fliers due to mold issues.
NY Meeting (left). NY City (right).

I played with scale and different elements for a different feel. I'm never sure with what to settle with, so I play around with many ideas. 
The meeting is focused on larger characters meeting as friends on a date in NY City.

The other version involves small figures in a lot to show some of the city life of businessmen meeting for work, and couples meeting for a view of the bay.

These are the main versions of the collection.
With the idea of a date in the city, I took the larger characters and had them enjoy the view of the city at sunset (NY Friends Meeting At Sunset). I made their silhouettes by selecting their shape and copying it onto part of a chocolate box.

Finally I did a night scene of just the bay and the city.

Rhino Halloween

Gaming adventures continue, and Warframe is artistically enjoyable, which in turn keeps inspiring me to play with the art aspects of it, having fun in captura, an in game screen shot mode for personalized pictures. 

Pumpkin hunting.

A view of the Hallowed Nightmare mode in Warframe above. Hallowed Nightmare mode is an event that's only held in October as a seasonal level. I love the darkness of it, and then I decided that because the pumpkin head is a seasonal item, I mind as well make a Halloween collection of pictures for my possible Warframe screen shot book I may make one day.

Call Me Punkin

For my pumpkin head rhino Hallow Dream collection I chose the water treatment plant Earth setting in captura, then lowered the lights down as dark as they could go.

There's a monster in the woods, and he's looking for something sugary to get his pumpkin teeth on.

The fire blaster was made orange, I wanted it to look kind of like a pumpkin that shoots magical green fire. Also, when he jumps, he flies. The red streaks just kind of came with it, which was cool, and the swords on his back make him look like a little winged bat.

I'm still using the Hek, just in colors from the Halloween color pack I got. The swords are boltace, spine like wing looking things that seemed pretty fitting for a Halloween theme.

Flying around, glow pumpkin, glow.

Splashing through the marshes.

Kneeling in silence at ones reflection. "Is that me?"

Slice and dice.

Coming after you and running on all fours.
Now you see me, now you don't. What's that you see in the dark?

I have many other pictures that have been randomly taken and being added to the punkin head series. I may have at least three collection worth of imagery.