Monday, July 2, 2018

Random Rhino Warframe Adventures

Warframe Heaven (left). Enjoying the view form an air ship jump (right). 

Both these were screenshots of a glitch in a Grineer defense mission. I walked down some stairs and the ground was suddenly gone.

I've been having an odd time, now brainstorming ideas for Warframe. In a few days I had six different comic ideas based around my game play, word play, and glitch experience.
Chilling in the void realm with Limbo and a star chart.
New pictures of ships I thought looked cool.
Another Corpus sunset. If that yellow cloud were gray it would like Rhino is smoking (left).

That moment when you're trying to take a nap, and the cat decides to paw your side (right). Another glitch moment of object cliping.
A meeting on the main floor. This could almost feel ominous, a clan meeting in a room of red with dragons as the theme.
"Hey buddy, you okay?" (left). Corpus taking a nap. Grass and what looks like waterfalls on the rocks of a cave, an illusion from Oberon's second ability (right).
Defense mission, watching someones frame who looked interesting and seemed like they were dancing to their own jam.
The floating battery. That is one super charged battery. A glitch experience.
Blue flaming hula hoops. Another frame's ability shared with those around them. I thought it looked pretty cool. Rhino has his own orbit going.
"What are you lookin at?" (left) rescue mission and staring down our rescue target. 

Staring at death. Yes, we succeeded in killing Shadow Stalker. Here he looks like a beggar wanting credits.
"Nice weather we're having", "There's not even a breeze". Samurai in space. I thought this frame looked cool.
"Smokin a blunt" (left) in the fire ring. Attacking a blunt (right). It looks like it has a face and is screaming, "I'm innocent!"
The Cernos bow. It looks like a set of featherless wings when not in use.
Looking for enemies with readied Galatine sword.
Living on the edge between reality and a pocket dimension (left). In the fighting ring (right).
Parade fomorian core transport. Like a float which someone else with Rhino danced on during the mission (left). "I think we're famous"- "Pretty sure this isn't a parade".

"Hello poochy. Does your dog bite?" (right). Today's screen shot.

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