Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Purple Winged Fairy Fashion

Purple Winged is one of those fashion designs that's redone and adjusted from an original kid art fashion piece back from Mar. 30, 2005. I included a thumbnail of the piece in the corner of the main fashion panels.

The colors were odd to work with, I did slightly tweak some of the green shades for the sleeves, skirt, and lower wings of this fairy costume.

The basic original design is shown on the left above the thumbnail, then I played with some different variations of the costume and continued on from there.

I enjoy exploring different ways to use the base elements of one design and apply them differently. These versions are a reverse of the wings being all green and the dress being made from the purple wing shapes.

Further experimenting gave me a series of leafy and lacewing colored designs. Above is the series of green wing costumes, which gives me ideas for a lacewing fairy.

I really liked the leafy designs and my final design panel was a forest fairy collection, mostly subtle variations of the same design. It all started with the far left one, then a progression of the leaf one going from fully covered to pairing down (like losing leaves). 

And finally there are the bottom ones with long flowing sleeves and added skirt or dress pieces. It's kind of a representation of forest wind, something that moves around a lot.

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