Saturday, July 14, 2018

Poison Drop belly dance designs

Last night I had started this full series of belly dance costume ideas, all inspired from a brief idea that came to mind the night before, based off a song I was listening to. Poison Drop-by Maduro and also Mirage- by Linsey Stirling.

I was listening to the song really late the night before, and a flash of a black and green costume with a long flowing skirt and green, dangling beads came to mind. Working from a blur of imagery in my head was half challenging, but I did get a lot of variety from the process when I started playing around with the placement and details of the costume's elements.

After working out several ideas, I combined the different layers together, and started with the base layers of purely black. The above panel is Poison Drop Basic Black collection, more like a collection of tribal costumes and nightwear over belly dance style since it's lacking beads and dangling things.
After that I made the main ideas, the Poison Drop green collection, short and long additions.

The first design, top left corner with the veil was kind of me trying to get the idea out of my head first, then I did the full dangle version which is the large display on the left in the bottom panel. The long skirt version with all the beads and color balance is closer to what I had seen in my head.

I played around with the accessories to see how many variations I could get, and there are quite a few.
I might have skipped making separate designs using purple, but I did take the already existing designs and change them up to be purple. 

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