Monday, July 23, 2018

Snowa Whitney Fashion

Another piece from my kid art fashion collection first drawn on Jan. 7, 2005, now redrawn. In the file the name of this one was Snowa white. I liked that typo and the design ended up being Snowa Whitney. 

The basic design sticking close to the original is displayed in the lower left corner. After that I played with transparency, layer variation, and details. I think my favorite is the one in the lower right corner with flower textile and transparency overlay.
I further played with the design and changed up textile placement and color. The lighter textile variation seemed pretty cool.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Buttercup Beauties

In my old kid art files there's a yellow dress from Feb. 2, 2005 which was labeled as "pretty". It's obvious that design was my own attempt as a kid to draw the dress from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

One thing I noticed that was different about it was the fact the layers were smaller, and I added sleeves. It seemed like a fun thing to take and remake, and I actually like the way this buttercup yellow ballgown and its other variations came out.
After playing with a few kinds of ruffle styles and subtracting the sleeves, I put together the shorter dress series which could easily become a different theme based around buttercups. If I added a bit of brown the designs could have also become chocolate covered banana themed.
I wanted to further play with the idea of a gown that's truly buttercup themed and not so much Disney based. Applying the same general dress concept I did some collage fashion using botanical clip art of buttercups to make different dress variations for a buttercup fairy. 

Belle's yellow dress gave me the idea to explore this concept, though I think I prefer the shorter versions of these designs over the long, puffy gown.

I chose to display these designs on a book page setting to make it feel kind of like a nature study, the research of different fairies and what they wear.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Lady Purpleteal

Fashion variations based off of more kid art fashion designs from May 11, 2003. Lady Purpleteal is a name for both dresses with semi strange but kind of interesting colors.

I stuck to making the shades the same, or very close to the original drawings. The purple one is more Victorian in theme, while the teal one is more fantasy or slightly modern in theme. The teal one is my favorite, specifically the ones with double layers and the top row one third from the left.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Three Ballerina's

Three Ballerinas, a tutu series based off this little collection of kid art tutus from Feb. 16, 2004 (left).

First came the wine purple one, which may be called red grape.

Then there's the mini sugarplum variations in a lighter purple.

Final design was the longer tutu which is a bit more icy in color scheme.

Main versions of each designs are displayed on the left end of each panel next to the old art thumbnails.

The blue ballerina is for a bigger girl. I wasn't very detailed in my kid art, but I decided to theme the blouse with icicle embroidery for this one. The rest was playing with variations of the layers.
Last set of designs is the Plumstar fairy, an outfit variation formed using elements from the blue ballerina and the sugarplum outfit.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Purple Winged Fairy Fashion

Purple Winged is one of those fashion designs that's redone and adjusted from an original kid art fashion piece back from Mar. 30, 2005. I included a thumbnail of the piece in the corner of the main fashion panels.

The colors were odd to work with, I did slightly tweak some of the green shades for the sleeves, skirt, and lower wings of this fairy costume.

The basic original design is shown on the left above the thumbnail, then I played with some different variations of the costume and continued on from there.

I enjoy exploring different ways to use the base elements of one design and apply them differently. These versions are a reverse of the wings being all green and the dress being made from the purple wing shapes.

Further experimenting gave me a series of leafy and lacewing colored designs. Above is the series of green wing costumes, which gives me ideas for a lacewing fairy.

I really liked the leafy designs and my final design panel was a forest fairy collection, mostly subtle variations of the same design. It all started with the far left one, then a progression of the leaf one going from fully covered to pairing down (like losing leaves). 

And finally there are the bottom ones with long flowing sleeves and added skirt or dress pieces. It's kind of a representation of forest wind, something that moves around a lot.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Helmunth Cold Comic-Warframe Art

When playing infested missions during defense, infested tend to throw up acid on whatever it is you're trying to defend.

Helmunth chargers are infested creatures made from a Kubrow egg, that made me think that maybe they too have the same abilities as a normal infested creature. I then asked myself what would happen if my Helmunth charger were to get a cold.

I imagined it throwing up on something in the orbiter and melting it. This instantly inspired me to make a comic made from screen shots of this happening.

Ice Rhino and Peabody Helmunth. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Poison Drop belly dance designs

Last night I had started this full series of belly dance costume ideas, all inspired from a brief idea that came to mind the night before, based off a song I was listening to. Poison Drop-by Maduro and also Mirage- by Linsey Stirling.

I was listening to the song really late the night before, and a flash of a black and green costume with a long flowing skirt and green, dangling beads came to mind. Working from a blur of imagery in my head was half challenging, but I did get a lot of variety from the process when I started playing around with the placement and details of the costume's elements.

After working out several ideas, I combined the different layers together, and started with the base layers of purely black. The above panel is Poison Drop Basic Black collection, more like a collection of tribal costumes and nightwear over belly dance style since it's lacking beads and dangling things.
After that I made the main ideas, the Poison Drop green collection, short and long additions.

The first design, top left corner with the veil was kind of me trying to get the idea out of my head first, then I did the full dangle version which is the large display on the left in the bottom panel. The long skirt version with all the beads and color balance is closer to what I had seen in my head.

I played around with the accessories to see how many variations I could get, and there are quite a few.
I might have skipped making separate designs using purple, but I did take the already existing designs and change them up to be purple. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Fragments-Warframe Art

The more I've played Warframe, the more puns and jokes I start thinking up relating to the names of things.
Fragment of your time.

One of my favorite things in the game is scanning stuff. The main thing you first know about for scanning is a cephalon fragment, a bright blue orb made of sparkly pixels. You use a little something called a codex scanner when first starting out to scan the objects. The codex scanner and the way it works has always reminded me of some sort of alien camera.

I imagined my Volt frame carrying it around the way I would, like a tourist taking pictures of everything, and made the following pun picture of him scanning a fragment.

Basic paint and drawing done in PSE, added to an old paper background to make it appear as a journal page or sketch in a book. One version is without text, the other is with saying.

Volt in my series of Warframe jokes happens to be the most playful of the team, and youngest.
A cephalon fragment hidden in a cave. (Scene without Volt)

I liked the Cephalon fragment I had painted enough to play with it some more.
The pixelated look of fragments reminds me of shaved ice, and then I imagined the fragment as some kind of glowing snow cone. 

I added a swirling ribbon of gold energy beneath the orb to represent a cone, based off gold double helix looking items you can pick up when doing a sanctuary onslaught mission in the game.

Another item similar to a fragment for scanning in the game is a somachord. It's a music related object that's purple and composed of squares. I made this pun page of my frame team discovering a somachord. Volt thinks it's chocolates, and Oberon doesn't understand what it is other than maybe moldy, glowing cheese or some kind of rock.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Random Rhino Warframe Adventures

Warframe Heaven (left). Enjoying the view form an air ship jump (right). 

Both these were screenshots of a glitch in a Grineer defense mission. I walked down some stairs and the ground was suddenly gone.

I've been having an odd time, now brainstorming ideas for Warframe. In a few days I had six different comic ideas based around my game play, word play, and glitch experience.
Chilling in the void realm with Limbo and a star chart.
New pictures of ships I thought looked cool.
Another Corpus sunset. If that yellow cloud were gray it would like Rhino is smoking (left).

That moment when you're trying to take a nap, and the cat decides to paw your side (right). Another glitch moment of object cliping.
A meeting on the main floor. This could almost feel ominous, a clan meeting in a room of red with dragons as the theme.
"Hey buddy, you okay?" (left). Corpus taking a nap. Grass and what looks like waterfalls on the rocks of a cave, an illusion from Oberon's second ability (right).
Defense mission, watching someones frame who looked interesting and seemed like they were dancing to their own jam.
The floating battery. That is one super charged battery. A glitch experience.
Blue flaming hula hoops. Another frame's ability shared with those around them. I thought it looked pretty cool. Rhino has his own orbit going.
"What are you lookin at?" (left) rescue mission and staring down our rescue target. 

Staring at death. Yes, we succeeded in killing Shadow Stalker. Here he looks like a beggar wanting credits.
"Nice weather we're having", "There's not even a breeze". Samurai in space. I thought this frame looked cool.
"Smokin a blunt" (left) in the fire ring. Attacking a blunt (right). It looks like it has a face and is screaming, "I'm innocent!"
The Cernos bow. It looks like a set of featherless wings when not in use.
Looking for enemies with readied Galatine sword.
Living on the edge between reality and a pocket dimension (left). In the fighting ring (right).
Parade fomorian core transport. Like a float which someone else with Rhino danced on during the mission (left). "I think we're famous"- "Pretty sure this isn't a parade".

"Hello poochy. Does your dog bite?" (right). Today's screen shot.