Saturday, June 30, 2018

Warframe Ice Fashion Show

Shashta held another fashion show today which I didn't know about till last minute, but had enough time to slap on some icy looks to my Rhino.

Quick and last minute explanation. Rhino, the ice breaker, careful when walking on frozen ground with him around. Basic new side gun, I forget the name, reminds me of some kind of two barrel snowball shooter, along with twin plasma swords to look like thin ice, ready to slice and dice an opponent. I chose the sigel because it was spiky and reminded me of ice sickles.

Pearlessence- "I'm kind of late"

Mace of clubs- "The question is- Are you FASHIONABLY late"

Shashta- OFC (of course) Pearl is!

Tarrok- "This girl draws fashion in her free time dangit!"

Bonless76- "Unique"

Riesling- "That rhino still sounds cute to me somehow. I really love that people care about sigil choices too"

Those were the comment I got when I was encouraged to join. I'm glad that the moderators seem to like me. Shashta only said "Come!". When she found out I was there, she insisted I join.
June 30, 2018 ice themed Warframe fashion show
Tarrok Screen shots of the event.

First Place: @SheriffBacon 6.78 / 10 (middle)

(2nd Place: @Mr_Hybrid 6.50 / 10) (2nd Place: @SN1P3R5500 6.50 / 10) A tie for those two, Hybrid left side, SN1 right side.

3rd Place: @6oose 6.22 / 10


@Alice_Hisada  @Boneless76


@Pearlessence                                                     @Shade0-2 


Special Guest


Special Thanks - Officers

@Darthuse  @Riesling

@TarrokFrost @Shasta_Ario 

Tarrok for his frame- Long story short, blindingly beautiful, but cold and deadly. Wields glacial swords and cold modded Pyrana prime.

Tarrok's frame was my favorite, I gave it a ten. Out of all the designs for some reason his struck me the most. His description of course reminded me of my ice character from the role play I work on. It was refreshing to see all those cool colors on a hot day, and it made me tempted to draw fashion designs inspired by these fashion frames....Haven't done that yet though.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cupcake wrapper flowers

I had played around with essentially colorful cupcake wrappers to make these shell flowers (that's just what I call them). Originally the wrappers came from an assorted mochi box, and I saved them because I liked the colors.
It took me awhile, but I finally made a quick DIY video on how to make them, and they can be made out of any kind of cupcake wrapper.

Mini feather crafts

Shuffling through the bits and pieces lying around on the desk while I try to clean and organize ever so slowly.

A spiky acorn cap, some random, small feathers found in a bag, a feather sequin and plastic pearl bead from my bits and pieces compartments, and I was on my way to making a quick fairy hat.
It fit pretty well on my lady fairy, but may become an item for another fairy to be someday.
Also during my cleaning, I found a gift tag, a colored Victorian lady head that was floating around in one of the drawers, and small downy feather. I decided to glue them together so they wouldn't keep floating around randomly, then added some writing and saved it to put somewhere in a book or something.