Thursday, May 24, 2018

Warframe- Random Moments

The blue light beyond. A cephalon fragment among the gold lights.

There have been many random, artistically interesting moments during my game play, from the days of playing wasp themed Volt on down to the days of a fire themed Oberon and a poison themed rhino.

I didn't understand what the rock looking enemies were till I found out Inaros, the figure Staty likes playing, can turn enemies into sand allies. 

Staty's dojo is as big as any dojo, just not decorated much and is all gray. I watched him run down the long, lonesome floor.

Oberon and his new helmet set to the theme of fire, and also an alien looking anatomical heart Ayatan sculpture placed on the codex desk. It makes me think of something you'd see in an alien doctor's office.

Pausing to scan a Cephalon fragment and staring at the behind of one player. Also a shot of Oberon looking around. Both cases were accidental screen shots.

Staring down the barrel.

Sometimes when the connection is bad, a whole bunch of annoying yet occasionally cool problems happen. You may not be able to pick up stuff, open lockers, or face doors not opening, but in the case of this level some interesting stuff occurred.

It lagged so badly that while I was having normal movement, everything else was slowed. I wasn't able to really pick up items, but I was still able to cause damage on enemies who stood still in some moments. This made me feel like I was the one going fast and everything else at normal speed, and I had enough time to take a screen shot of a Moa staring at me, unable to shoot, but ready to get shot by me.

Anyone up for calamari skewered infested? There was something oddly funny about seeing the twisted forms of infested wriggle about on the swaying tentacles of a sea monster spawned from the ground, an ability that comes from the warframe Hydroid, a water based figure.

I was caught by the pretty light display of purple and blue, in shades that are my favorites together. This was a shield formed by replicas of Corpus enemies formed by one of the warframe character's abilities.

A floating crawler, that's interesting. More glitchy game moments.

Hello, nice to meet you mr infested dude. Another moment of funny freezing, where an infested character stood upright and still like it was waiting for a handshake or hug.

I thought this was just cool, Limbo's ability puts a neat filter on stuff, and the colors of the tanks and my character seemed really interesting in this setting, like it was painted.

Oberon Trio, I'm the purple and blue one who sticks his tongue out at people.

Twins of green and red. I'm the red one.

This was a funny moment because I've noticed when other players have almost the exact setup in character design as you, they tend to try and stick by your side during a fight. They also pause to look at you and see they found someone with similar taste.

Napping Corpus, he's dead tired.

I know the Corpus guy had been shot, but to me it looked like he fell asleep on the job and I wanted a picture of of him hunched over and 'asleep'. Must have been one boring movie he was watching.

Obverhead shot of me standing on top of the Jackal boss.

Berry yogurt Oberon.

I got in an odd mood to change up the colors of Oberon again from fire to something different and strange. For some reason berry yogurt sounded good, so for a day I ran missions as pink Oberon. 

The game was a stand still for me at that time, and I was trying to find ways to spice it up, make a level more interesting with brighter colors.

Later I switched to teal and pink, eventually purple and teal which I really liked the look of. Pink and teal already looked purple in color when standing under certain light sources in places like Corpus levels.

At one point in the game I was so bored that I started feeling like it would be fun with more challenges. I was wanting something like a brooding, dark atmosphere, much like this scene of being inside a vent system crawling with infested.

My days of rhino have made missions way easier, less risk of death because of his armor. But there were moments where I thought how creepy and fun it would be to have a super dark level that you have to find your way in, and make things more interesting by having things like jugernauts actually hunt you, hiding and following quietly.

One moment during a decoding mission I just thought the scene looked cool with rhino in his red armor.

Another moment during the same kind of mission only Grineer, I wondered why there was still a cryopod on the tram from defense levels, even though the level was for transitions. Looks kind of cool though, staring at something that looks like a glass coffin. Does that make rhino prince charming?

During a Corpus mission, I had no idea there were medical rooms with tables that actually had blood splatter on them. Made me wonder what happened there.

Next door to the bloody medical rooms I found a burnt looking moa on one of the tables.

At one said moment in time I made record of rhino punching with his knuckle gloves, which kind of look like a cow's utters.

There was another version of these gloves which were less odd looking, and actually caused more damage in my experience.

They're called anykros. I had these for leveling during my poison rhino stages.

During a point of bad connection on my end, doubles of the same figure showed up, standing in one place. I was trapped in the room with these figures that seemed like wax, unable to go through any doors as the game glitched. I had to leave that level without the benefits.

That ball is bouncing.

Another bad connection moment and some glitching is when a trip ball literally bounced and floated there on a cloud.

The back of rhino's vangard helmet is oddly funny when I noticed it looked like a fish face.

Also, my favorite color scheme applied to rhino was really cool looking with the Paris bow that has naturally blue glowing arrows. The Paris isn't a very powerful or efficient weapon, I only used it to level up and unlock a few achievements.

Rescue mission, hello lady.

Rhino wants someone to talk to. I think beef cakes is actually a really nice structure.Then again I find big, beefy structures attractive. I think rhino has an attractive structure.

Escorting a transport, beautiful sunset view of someplace Corpus. I don't remember the regions for it being sunny like this. It makes it kind of hard to see, but at the same time it's pretty, and I suspect they sometimes change the scenery in the game depending on the hour and also maybe month. 

I know Earth has it where daytime and night time settings switch up every four hours.

I find a lot of Corpus regions to be pretty. One moment among all the ice and mountain rocks I imagined it being an interesting view and inspiration for regional ideas in the role play I work on. All the snow and cold makes me thinks of my ice type character and the gang of girls.

Another pretty moment was when I stood on top of some structure and saw the sunset. That was a nice moment in the game, made you feel peaceful despite the fighting going on.

I was randomly brought along by accident to someone else's dojo when they left me in the squad after a public run. It was kind of an interesting place with its cold gray purple, black, and silver colors. 

Corpus defense, strange place to have a cryopod, right in the middle of the walkway set up against some lockers. You might find yourself wondering how someone crammed that thing into such a small place, and how did they get it out of that locker.

another shot of the cephalon fragment in gold light. Grineer spy mission. I know point A is one tile spot for the fragment to spawn.

Cool glitch moment, floating arrows lined up like tiki torches guiding me through the halls of this industrial place. One of the players had some ability that caused this.

A view of space, standing on the twisted muck of infested goo holding together a broken ship. I'm sure the way it broke was disturbing.

Weird thing about standing out in space is that they muffled the sound. Better hold your breath.

There was a hot fix happening during the game, and in the level I was on I found the floating structures to pretty interesting, but more puzzling was to watch a ball of endo and ammo cartridges endlessly fall from the sky and vanish into the clouds below.

Sometimes glitches happen during squad dispersal. One moment was when I could still see someones ship hovering above my orbiter. Looking at the underbelly of  it was kind of interesting.

It's the green and purple team. We're all in the same shades.

Recent plays in archwing missions were cool looking. Despite the fact I forgot to change up my archwing colors to match, it looked neat somehow. Something was floating where the yellow beam and loops were pulsing. This looked like a science fiction movie scene you might expect to see flying cars in.

On Earth, among the fairy King's grasses. Someone had a fancy Oberon prime complete with leafy horns and butterfly skirt. I felt like I was in the right place to be fighting infested alongside his character.
Earth is the place you have to go to get the Titania frame at some point, and Titania is the queen of the fairies, wife of Oberon. In this setting I felt like the fancy Oberon was the fairy king who hired the help of other warriors to fight off the infested and protect his queen who remains hiding somewhere in the region.

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