Saturday, May 26, 2018

Spring Pens

I've always found an odd joy in pen sets and paper products. This month during some cleaning I found a random pen set sitting in a box. It had been brought home from a yard sale and for some reason the colors instantly reminded me of a small notepad I had in another box.

It's like these items were made for each other, the purple pink colors of the elastic closure, the flower and leaf designs going well with the leaf and bee designs of the pens. Spring writing is in bloom.

I carry this pen set and notepad in my favorite go bag which I tuck away in my purse. It's my safe spot for pens, pencils, and a notepad when I need them.
I guess this pen set is Jonathan Alder brand, once from Barnes and Noble. It's actually a pen and pencil set, both twisting not clicking types. The pencil is the leaf one, and the pen the bumble bee one. It helps for me to remember the bee one is the pen by remembering bees have stingers, and pen nibs look kind of like stingers.
Later after I thought about that, I sketched out this bee shaped pen idea complete with detachable wing containers that hold office supplies like swirly black paper clips, black and honeycomb gold thumbtacks which could be metallic, sticky note tabs, and a hexagonal eraser in honey yellow.

The eyes would be blingy, the abdomen twists to reveal the pen 'stinger', and the head pops off to reveal a replaceable highlighter nib.
Speaking of odd, fun pens, these were brought home today from a yard sale. A small bright green bin full of assorted gel pens, a set of metallic markers, and three fancy writing pens.

The bright green bin will probably become my project scrap box during some future crafting.
I spent a little time doing a test scribble of every gel pen before placing them in the bag. They were all pretty fresh and decently inky. They're also kind of funny to look at with the crazy faces and bright colors of happy monsters.
The assortment smelled like bubble gum from an Easter basket. That brought back old memories of the gum I use to chew of brightly colored egg shaped gumballs placed in their own miniature foam egg carton.
Who knows, maybe these pens were from an Easter basket or two, and that's why they smell that way. After saying that though and taking a closer look at them, these pens are in fact scented, and that kind of makes me reluctant to keep them because I'm sensitive to synthetic fragrances.
The Craft Smart markers worked well, I tested those last. They're good for using to make big pretty lettering or adding accents to drawings of fish and dragons.
I was most interested by the Recollection brand writing pens with crystals crammed into a clear tube. One black, one white, and one pink; my eye was caught most by the pink.

I tried to get a close up shot of the gems in the top. I assume they're loose, just tightly packed into the tube which is why they don't move around.
Each pen had the same look, just in different colors. Gems in the top, metallic paint at the bottom, black ink for writing with twist action for the nib.

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