Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Beach Dream Outfit

Apr. 24, 2018

"Halloween Beach" (a dream)

I was part of a Halloween party being held on the beach. Pumpkins and other decorations were set on the sand and I had helped plan some of the party, joined by evening, and was told to get myself a garland to wear. The lady providing them was dancing around and held up the collection. At first I was going to choose purple beads and silver chain, but then noticed white metallic conch shells
attached to a strand of sparkling perls and white sheer hip shawl with net fringe at the bottom. I chose that one and it looked great with my aquatic blue gypsy skirt and dark blue shirt. Others wanted it and a little boy chased me for it down the beach.

I ran and got to see turtles with gray black shells, and the boy himself turned into a turtle or simply was left far behind, I don't know which.

The dream takes a turn, we visited a junk shack, a hillbillies porch with random stuff in the yard. There was a rumor going around that someone was targeting the neighbors with dark magic. Me and a random friend, no idea who they were, went to investigate. We found the house of the doll collector, and I wasn't the least bit freaked out by small dolls that looked like Monster High dolls talking to us. The one with purple hair and eyes spoke, but they were all just puppets being spoken through by the head doll who was on the table. These collections were in her kitchen, a teal colored place with lacy white curtains and a retro beach feel. I was addressed by the real witch doll as I asked questions that led to me knowing this person was the one cursing people.
She tried to curse me, but when she cast the devil's stone, it failed to do anything and I was unphased. The dream didn't continue, but I assume the woman responsible for causing trouble was arrested.

This dream as all my dreams was in full color. The outfit I was wearing was inspiring, so I drew up the design. Shell color isn't exact, they were more like mother of pearl, but that's hard to get right on such a small scale.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Warframe- Quest Of the Kubrow

In Warframe I had finally finished Quest of the Kubrow. When my new digital dog, Dale, was hatched I loved how fluffy and small he was.

I wanted to savor him as a puppy before maturing him into a big, ugly adult, and spent a week letting him roam the orbiter as a puppy, taking a load of screenshots to remember his puppy stages. I could practically have a companion section in a possible Warframe journal.
Here fire Oberon is, observing Dale as he remained sleeping in the incubation dome. I was waiting eagerly to claim him.

It's a requirement to interact with your pet at least once a day to keep their loyalty and health levels up once they're matured. In baby stage though their health and loyalty never changes.

I proceeded to let him roam the ship and take pictures of all his programmed body language.

That upper left picture, ugh such a happy, cute face. Who knew a video game pet could be so cute.

Following me around, and that lower left picture looks like he's jumping or floating.

Petting him some more.

The dogs do play a bit, run in circles, pounce back and forth.

More funny close up head shots of puppy Dale.

He stood, sat, and lay like he was posing.

Sitting by me, following me.

The dog also dragged its butt on the floor. It was hard to capture those moments because he rarely did it when you were looking.

The lower right image is a brief moment when Dale dragged his butt on the floor.

He was so tiny in comparison to the ship.

Lots of angles, plenty of places for him to explore.

Lower right is yet another example of him dragging his butt on the floor.
Also, I did make a video run of the quest. I took a long time to actually finish the game, and got lots of clips of my Kubrow in puppy stage. Pretty much showed every animation of the pet I could capture, and most of my game play isn't sped up, so the watch through is a good thirty, almost forty minutes. This is more of a personal record thing for me to watch my progression in playing a game, and to capture every aspect of a quest since most of them you can't replay.