Friday, March 30, 2018

Cramer the Creamer Sentinal- collage

Here I am making my own Warframe based art out of scrap packaging in collage. The spread above is a collage I did in my dragonfly book, and included a bit of writing describing the picture on the previous page (not shown).

Sentinals are kind of an odd biomechanical organism I guess. I think they're kind of cute, and during a moment of playing around with scraps of a cream cheese box, I got this idea to make a sentinal of my own.
Working around that concept I added elements to the spread which relate to other ideas and are also reminders. The twitch prime tape from an Amazon box was a reminder that a friend told me if you connect a twitch prime account to your Amazon prime account, you can get three free Warframe prime characters instantly for playing in the game.

The cream cheese tabs were used to represent the holding area on your ship where you keep your sentinals.
An example of what I mean.

Other materials were used in the background to represent ship interior, and the words "Work Zone" seemed appropriate because you do a lot of stuff on your ship.
I used a bit of stamping and pen for smaller details of the collage.

Since collage pieces don't always make sense to the outside eye, I did a sketch page of Cramer to show what I see in the collage.

Name of drone: Cramer. He's an environmental drone with a weapon that nullifies toxins, boosts your health, and cleans the environment. I would say he's best used on Earth and infested missions. He can melt an enemy to mush like cream cheese, hence the name Cramer the creamer. 

In the one corner, Cramer's environmental ribbon badge represents a container of antitoxin for preventing the spread of poison and keeping the environment clean. Said container is an item you equip to Cramer's weapon. 

The badge is an achievement for completing an Earth sabotage mission.   

The blog post has been made into a few Warframe journal spreads, to better display all things in one place.

(Disc PZ *)- (FB )- (WF FAF )- (SOV CLN )

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Astral Ball Uniforms

I've had the dream of how cool it would be to have celestial themed baseball for a long time now. It all started as a daydream one time when I was sitting at a Gus's Pizza and staring a tv showing baseball. I thought again on how much more interesting a sport would be if it were pretty to watch. This then lead to an idea of celestial baseball called Astral Ball.

I imagined Astral ball to a be a baseball like sport in one of my mythical solar systems of my art world. It may be the national sport of a star planet where Princess Twilune and her parents King Lunar and Queen Crescent dwell.
Team Stargazers.

The Astral Ball uniform style is obviously just borrowed over from the Cotton Candy Prince, with some minor adjustments to the boots, hat, and pants.

The boots are for easy running, and I think the big boys are the ones who wear the longer pants. If they have younger members or even a separate team of  'little stars' they get the shorter pants to show they're rookies on the field.

Each team has it's own cluster of symbols to represent them. Stargazers have a symbol that looks like a broken up part of a star set on blue.
Team Midnight.

Team Midnight is the competing team of Stargazers. They're skilled and fast, and don't hold back their game. Midnight isn't as flashy as Stargazers, and prefer to cause distraction methods on the field to win the game. 
They too have their own symbol of stars and moons.

Each player has his turn of throwing the astral ball, more commonly called the comet. This ball is a porous, yet oddly smooth ball carved to look like a meteor. It's fitted with a blue, translucent cloth tail which represents the fire of an asteroid. This tail makes the ball fall differently, and glows like fire beneath the special lights of the Star Stadium, a field that lights up and displays a spiraling galaxy.
The floor for players is known as the Star Field, and each of the bases in the game represent planets.

This game may have rules that work a bit differently from actual baseball. Astral ball is themed around galactic sprinters (the players), running from planet to planet to avoid the comet and those who direct the comet at them. 

The players also get to wield a swirling metal bat, something that represents the energy of the universe.

I'm not sure if they have goalies for Astral Ball, but if they do I've yet to design a costume for one.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Cotton Candy Kingdom- Fashion designs

Cotton Candy Kingdom fashion series. It's funny how this challenge started out. I wasn't intending to make a full series of fashion design based around cotton candy, but one small idea led into another and became a larger idea rather quickly.

The first design I started in the series originated from this design I assembled in a doll generator (left). I called it the cotton candy dress.

I wanted to apply this design to my tween fashion form, a base form originally created specifically for a particular character in my role play story. Her name is Lulu, a runaway royal from a foreign land.

I used her fashion form because it's the only young girl fashion form I currently have in my collection. This lead to more ideas, and I started imagining that Lulu may have worn a dress like this for birthdays back home in the castle.

With that idea I then started dreaming of cotton candy colors and castles, hence leading to a fashion series called Cotton Candy Kingdom.
Cotton Candy Blossom

The results for each fashion piece was a panel of designs switched up in color and details for a variety of choices. This is the youngest princess's design.
Cotton Candy Swirl

Next came the cotton candy swirl outfit. I wanted to play more with folds and designing a dress that looked more like the swirling shape of cotton candy. This resulted in the eldest princess's design.
I then played with adding more lace and frufru to the designs. I took the cotton candy blossom and swirl outfit, added more lace to the sleeves, and combined some of the elements from both designs together.
This resulted in my first concept for a possible cotton candy queen design. It didn't seem quite puffy enough for the queen, and I leaned towards the idea of this design being a ball gown for the eldest princess.

I was much happier with my second try at the cotton candy queen, adding lots of lace and puff to her costume, along with a more extravagant wig.

By the time I reached the final designs, I had a feel for what style I wanted to use. Something French from medieval and colonial periods seemed right for the cotton candy theme. 

The real challenge was designing cotton candy colored costumes for the king and prince of the series.

Somehow I think the king can get away with the bold choice of colors so long as he has his fluffy hairdo. You have to be bold to walk around in an outfit like this.

The prince had to be my favorite for some reason. I had paused to make several new male fashion forms before designing the prince's costume.
Don't let the colors fool you, that candy stick in his hand isn't just good for playing a game of candy ball, it doubles as a weapon he knows how to use.

This design also inspired extra ideas for other themes somewhere else in my concept universe. I'll probably be playing further with it sometime.