Friday, February 9, 2018

Mini Candies and Peek A Boo

Aren't these cute? I've had plans to make them for a long time now. Tonight I made these miniature lifesaver candies wrapped up in their own little packages and also loose in a jar.

I got a set of three mini art jars from A.C. Moore the other day for the purpose of filling them with mini candies and cookies for toys.

The candies themselves are dyed stone beads I got from Joahn's awhile ago. I emptied them into my little glass jar and chose one of each color to make two wrapped versions of the sweet. I kept the rows together by feeding them onto head pins. The wires were disguised once I took some saved plastic candy wrapper and rolled them into it, securing it with a bit of tape, and twisted the ends.

I was pleased with the results, and now have other ideas for the growing collection of mini sweets developing, hopefully to one day put into a miniature sweets shop scene.
There are still those funny moments when I find particular flier images peeking at me out of a bag or box. I noticed this one today.

A recent update from the craft corner is that I dumped half my flier collection into a carboard box for easier sorting, then set it aside so I could focus more on making junk journals.

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