Sunday, January 7, 2018

Motherboard City

I wanted to play with some more of my own photography tonight, exploring artistic options for making an ordinary photo extraordinary.

With a lot of experimenting using different blending modes and gradients, I discovered multiple effects that I enjoyed the look of.

One of my main reasons for taking a photo of my computer's motherboard during the building stages is because I've always liked how computer chips look like cities.

I wanted to bring out the city in this one by adding little light spots for windows, gradients for atmosphere, and even a computer chip ocean surrounding it. 

I experimented with different color stages, even doing rainbow lighting of cool and warm shades.

I imagine the different looks to be like different times of the day. My favorite is colorboard evening in the lower left corner of the panel, (the full sized version is shown below). I view that to be the one that best represents what Neon City, my cyberpunk world, looks like at evening.

I also experimented with making versions of the image that exclude the windows on 'buildings'.

Finally I played with blackdrops, as I called it. Got rid of the light sources and looked at the chip either as just a motherboard (top row), or just a city (bottom row).

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