Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bracelets and A Bag

During a visit to Farm Fresh today, I found a bag that caught my interest for one dollar.

Sometimes I get in those moods for something really pink and girly. This bag reminded me of scrapbook paper and Valentine's Day, which like every year is something that tickles my inner love for pink, white, red, and gold.

Best part is the pastel colors are in my favorite shades added to the pink background.

Other news: This evening's project was to record multiple videos of all the books I've made these past 6 months. I always seem to find something I want to do while the house is quiet.

An update on the project list, yesterday (Jan. 9), I got out the stretchy cord and stone beads for fixing and making some bracelets. 

I fixed a few by ridding of the metal spacers, added a few extra beads, saved the old metal spacers for a project that doesn't touch the skin.

I also made multiple rutilated quartz bracelet. The black and white kind is really cool looking, reminds me of seaweed on rice. 
I really wanted the one with lots of the darker beads and paler beads near the tip.

After making that one I aimed to make a wrap around bracelet of smoky quartz.
I'll admit having a smoky, pokey looking quartz bracelet is kind of wild, but I like it.

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