Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pearl Knight, New Years Poster

I've had the sudden desire to work on digital art again, despite the fact I know I'm lacking in artistic skill on many fronts. It started with a warm up session of scribbler drawings in PSE, then led to this nerdy new years poster.

I had gotten this weird idea on the 25'th when I was talking to a friend, the idea that emerged from a splice up of my brain taking the subject of Christmas gifts and combining it with my recent binge watching of Merlin.

I made this poster to remember this year while celebrating for the new year. The drawing represents myself riding my noble llama (based off of my llama plush), holding my We R Memory Keepers fuse tool like a jousting stick, carrying a cup of hot coco in my new festive llama Christmas mug, and wearing armor that represents my new computer. 

Actual photos of these things are shown below. It's self explanatory.


Pearl knight seemed like a good name for it, a name which has inspired other ideas like maybe making a Medieval version of my Pearllight suit design.

Side note: This is the first time I've ever tried drawing a llama, and the font I used is new with the Windows 10 system. 

These are my sketch and outline stages for the picture (left). During my outline stages in Fireaplaca I experimented with the brushes, including the symmetry brush. In one of the experiments using the brush, I got what looked like an oddly shaped man (right). I called this symbol "Cyber Knight Emblem". It may be used sometime in the future for a different project.

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