Wednesday, November 15, 2017

White Tree and other fun stuff

It's not December yet, but my Christmas decoration shopping has started early. On Nov. 15, 2017 I got myself a Big Lots 4 foot tall white tree (they held them in the back-box J). Last time I went there I couldn't find any on the floor, and this time still didn't, so I had to ask. One was brought from the back; I guess white trees are still not all that popular.

We use to put up a large white tree for the family, but it turned yellow in time. I've missed having a white tree, which seemed like it would be a better choice for the ornaments I have, pale pastel and sparkling white shades mostly, better on something pale instead of dark green.
There's been some packing and stacking of boxes going on, and I needed some tissue paper for a few of the things. I got silver and white snowflake and winter themed tissue paper for 2 dollars to wrap new ornaments in. Out of all the tissue papers, these were the cheapest, and more appealing than all those bright reds and greens.

I might use some of it for a book or two, along with wrapping up small items like glass beads. Three packs should do it for all that.

Nov. 10, 2017-  During a trip to Johann's I found myself some new ornaments to add to my tree. I got a coffee cup ornament, doughnut ornament, and a tube of blue and white snowflake ornaments. All of them were Makers Holiday brand.
The snowflake decorated balls are plastic made to look like glass, hence why they're called shatter proof. I got them because my mind is focused on winter themes for decorating. I'm a fan of winter themes over traditional Christmas color schemes. I like being reminded of icy characters from my stoires when looking at these colors.
Doughnut ornament. The price was high before, I'm glad all the ornaments were on sale. It originally was $9.99, but it was on sale for $4.99.
I love the bead sprinkles, always have liked sprinkles that sparkle on my doughnuts or ice cream, real or fake.
Resin coffee cup ornament was $6.99, on sale for $3.49.

I like coffee themes and doughnuts, specifically because I have that dream to own a little coffee hut or cart. Imagine a mini tree with all things coffee and pastry based on it, placed in a little coffee shop.
My venture through the ornament aisle was an interesting one, then I rummaged through the jewelry bins, and also got some 16 gauge black coated copper wire for creating new loops on my Florida Chicken book.

In the 1.99 jewelry bin I found New Age Moon Halloween jewelry charms (I plan to use them for making a goth belt for a Monster High doll). The dyed howlite from Bliss Beads are those funny rock beads that look like candy, which I plan on using for that very purpose in a miniature setting.

I also got two Blue Moon products. The metal arrow chain has always seemed interesting, and the dangling bead, pink and gold chain assortment with fuzzy tassel (hidden gems contents) is a thing I've looked at every time I've gone through the bin during a visit to the store. I caught myself dreaming about the pink chain recently, so I decided to just get it finally since it's been in that bin for months.

I also looked at a few other chain assortments in the bins, but decided not to get those and limit the items so I wouldn't get too expensive (curse of an artist in a craft store).

My main reason for going to Joahn's was to check for silver plated chain which I didn't find, and for cutting blades to try out on my yard sale find, a Criket machine. I discovered that Joahn's doesn't allow the use of coupons on Criket products because the company provides that store directly as the carrier of their products. For two tiny blades it costs 15 dollars, and I backed away from the idea of getting them.

I'm starting to reconsider the idea of using the Criket machine, feeling like the company is out to make lots of money. I'm considering selling the machine I have and getting a sizzix big shot cutter instead. At least I don't have to buy blades for that, and the dies can be used over and over, never needing to be replaced.

My main reason for even wanting a die cut machine is because I want to make my own tags, labels, pockets, envelops, cards, and journal accessories.

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