Monday, November 6, 2017

Nov. 6, 2017- More craft supplies

Over a period of three days and a few times back in October, I've been getting different art supplies as I find a want to experiment with different things.

The 1'' ms. sparkle and co. double sided tape was found at Johann's for 2 dollars. It was worth getting, especially because I found it works extremely well for my recent fin binding experiments with the key lime and Seaside Apothecary junk journals.

The tape holds the spine piece in place nicely, and I only had to cut one piece to fit a four fin spine which is 3 cm. wide. Also on that day I got myself a dollar pack of mason jar shaped cards by ms. sparkle and co. These items were found in the 2 dollar bin section.

The rich cocoa Memento ink was purchased the same day, and is a very deep, dark brown ink pad. It works well, unfortunately it's rose scented.

I don't enjoy perfumes in general, finding that during crafting with the ink I get a slight headache from it. This could be related to my health, but I can't use the ink unless I hold my breath, and afterwards I have to wait a day to touch the inked item.

The smell does disappear after 24 hours, but that can put crafting behind schedule. Thankfully the scent isn't permanent, but I wish Memento would be kind, and stop scenting the ink pads.

After October passed, I started finding my recent projects could look better if I used a few different tools I didn't have. I had the items on my list for Amazon; that was on Nov. 2, 2017. They arrived two days later and I was thrilled to experiment with them, having waited for them so I could finish my Seaside Apothecary book.

The Tim Holtz vintage photo ink has a nice color, a bit of a dark, reddish brown. I found the foam blenders worked wonderfully; they were making me happy just using them. I'm glad the company finally made foam pads that properly spread ink, unlike the distress ink pads which are just thin felt blocks you stick to the blender.

Only thing I did notice was that the little blenders are cheaply made. The toothy part of the velcrow is only slightly sticky, and held in place with a staple. Aside from that though, the foam pads are just right (set came with two blenders and two replacement foam pads for around six dollars).

I also got the Tim Holtz paper distress tool, which seems to be the only paper distress tool there is now days. It has little notches, and within there's a fixed rotary blade that scrapes the edges of the paper, thus giving it an aged look. I wanted this for making light distress marks on certain elements of my Seaside Apothecary book.
All three of the Tim Holtz items were used to complete the book, which turned out great.

On the fifth we stopped at Michael's, now relocated and more cramped feeling than before. It was awful, first day of reopening and there were too many people, with room for only one cart practically in every aisle. 

We had a couple of coupons, I got myself some Recollection 110 1b white card stock, Tim Holtz broken china distress ink because I've been wanting to make more aquatic themed stuff, and I also got the canning jar stamps from Inkadinkado. I've wanted those stamps for awhile now so I could stamp on plastic with Staz-on ink, and create mason jar shakers and pockets (been in an odd mood for mason jars and herbs).
Paper products and beads purchased from Tuesday Morning Nov. 6, 2017

My main reason for going to Tuesday Morning was to see if they had any tools in the scrapbook section. A gator clamp, or a fuse tool were the main things I was hoping to find. I had no luck in finding any tools, but I did get my hands on some paper items and beads.

The bubble bead assortment from design elements by Jesse James were a new discovery. I've never seen something like them before, and love the way they feel when shaken. They reminded me of little candy jars for dolls (one of the reasons I got them), that and I love sparkly things that move around. The beads are made of glass, and the caps are plastic that have been glued on.

I also got a pack of paper called "You Are Here" by Simple Stories. More whimsical island stuff seemed fun for five dollars. 

There also was a family themed pack of journal cards by Misc Me! I got them for the vintage look, and plan to use some of them in a steampunk journal.

The most surprising thing I found was the Artisan Style Graphics45 paper stack. You don't often find Graphics45 stuff, so seeing this at Tuesday morning for six dollars was exciting. It even comes with templates I plan on saving for multiple projects.

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