Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ruby Rebel Fashion Design

My interest in Coal's character (from a role play) has continued inspiring some other fashion ideas. I designed another fashion piece for her and called it Ruby Rebel. The colors are based off of semi precious rubies, which are a pinkish purple color. This may be one of her more girly designs of shirt and shoes, still showing she's quite the bold type.
I designed this piece for a possible future scene in the role play to make it so Seph gets a peek at Coal's hidden tattoo which shows she is of a mob clan from another island, but is in hiding. He'll see it by accident when she bends down to get something, caught by surprise from his sudden visit (via teleportation). 

The shirt would be fitted, and the bands would be ribbon, leather, or elastic cording. Bottom edge of the shirt is lined with faceted, dangling black beads. Shoes lace up, belt is golden chain, necklace is gold chain and semi precious ruby gems.
Other designs for Coal are shared on the post MN-I role play inspired fashion. 

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