Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lost In Cyberspace Fashion

I like to have a bit of fun still with pulling inspiration for fashion designs from other art pieces I make, specifically in collage using random scraps of paper that somehow come together surprisingly well.
This series is all inspired by the Lost In Cyberspace collage collection, and just today I finished the final design inspired by Cyber Run (left), with her asymmetric tights.
Above is the basic concept of her outfit applied to my slender curve fashion form (the most exaggerated, stylized form yet)  .
I started off with her sparkly magenta, and purple with chartreuse color scheme, then played with color settings and found I really liked the look of the outfit in lime green and teal.

I'm reminded of candy sticks and fruit when looking at these designs.
My first designs played with in the series are that of electric orbit and Diva 1's jumpsuits. Both designs are pretty simple, yet somehow interesting to me.
I drew El Orbit's jumpsuit on the fashion form mainly to get down a concept of what the backside looks like.
As for Diva 1 you only get to see her suit from the side, so I played with drawing it from the front and back angle.
Electric orbit (left). Diva 1 (right).
Lastly, the most complex and interesting design that came out of the series is Cyber Search's outfit with its different variations.

This costume is based off a picture no bigger than an inch tall (as shown left in the collage, the character herself is only an inch tall).
Her cyber chip skirt fins are detachable, same goes for the boots and helmet.
I would say her design is my favorite in the collection.

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