Thursday, September 7, 2017

Discover book- celestial theme

I love it when two things I enjoy come together in artistic harmony. Notebooks with metallic lettering, and celestial colors of my tablet case. I was carrying the two around with me today and noticed how they complimented each other.
Map texture and celestial texture come together like a chart to the stars. I immediately thought of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and their Discovery album.

The natural scuffing that occurred to the letters of the notebook pleases me. I'm almost done peeking through this book now that I've written out the events that occurred during our trip to NY.
On the subject of discovery, I'm glad I discovered something you shouldn't do to a tablet. You can't synchronize music to one, if you do it makes it glitch. I had to have some help reverting the software back to default and reinstall stuff because I made that mistake.

Having tablet troubles and finishing up writing projects is the reason I even saw an art photo opportunity of my notebook and tablet together.

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