Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lost In Cyberspace-collages

Lost in Cyberspace is a growing collection of collages based around the internet and technology. Since most of these pictures are free floating and wedged in a folder, I'm thinking of adding them as interest to my Blue Tech journal or my Neon City journal.

I find that when I don't have much to write about in a book, I create subjects around an art piece or several art pieces revolving around a theme. This makes journal keeping and art making more enjoyable, in my experience.

(Cyber System Search- Apr. 10, 2017- Measures around 12 x 21 cm. )

Within the computer, the cyber system search lady turns your words into code so the rest of the system knows how to proceed. She rides upon a floating platform that travels across electricity and numbers to get from one system to another.

Created using part of a fios ad, stencils, jell pen, flier images, scraps of paper, and marker.
(Cyber Boot- Apr. 14, 2017- left- measures around 5 x 14 cm.) (Goo Glow- Apr. 14, 2017- right- measures around 7 x 4 cm.)

Cyber Boot and Goo Glow are super mini collages made from scraps of paper, jell pen, marker, and stenciling (Tim Holtz splat and letter stencil).

These were random scrap collages, and the boot was a shape I just found in some refuse.

These minis could represent lost files within a computer, somewhere in scattered code.
(Cyberspace Repair 7-May 30, 2017- measures around 18.5 x 30 cm.)

In Cyberspace Repair 7, system fixes happen. Diva 1 roams this city and owns a cyber ship for high speed travel. 

This collage was inspired by paper scraps that reminded me of high heeled boots, and accents to a tight green suit. Character is hand drawn, the rest is done with green wrapping paper, paper scraps, marker, pen, and flier pictures. I left a view of just the background before adding Diva 1 (right).

(System Clean Up- Measure's around 8.5x11''- completed Sept. 21, 2017)

This collage represents system and program clean up, along with good habits of keeping computer equipment dusted on a daily basis. 

cyber girl 3 is the only name I currently have for the figure in the collage. Character is hand drawn and colored with Prismacolor markers. Her design was inspired by yet another scrap of paper that looked like an odd jacket with no sleeves. 

Cyber girl 3 ensures system clean up is remembered. She stands on a gold hover platform to move easily from one place to another.

Background and background elements are flier images, character is made on white card stock, her suit is made from green wrapping paper and scrap card stock, with marker and pen accents. 

 (Electric Orbit Internet Connection- Measures around 5x8.5''- Completed Sept. 22, 2017)

One of my favorite cyber girls is Electric Orbit, who ended up representing internet connection. Orbit was originally meant to wear the odd over coat which ended up on cyber girl 3. I liked Orbit without it, so I left her suit design alone and made cyber girl 3 just so I could use the over coat somewhere. 

Orbit is hand drawn and colored with Prismacolor markers on white card stock, with green scrapbook paper, marker, and pen accents. 

This collage was done directly on a page in the Blue Tech journal. The background itself is speckled, white card stock from Stampin Up; then I did a bit of stenciling using a Tim Holtz stencil and a light blue Le Plume marker for texture, and then added a corner bit and a floor with letter texture which was from a flier. Final details (the electric current that ripples from finger to finger on Orbit) were also clippings from an ad.

(Cyber Run Search Loading- Measures around 2.5x4''- completed Sept. 26, 2017)

Cyber Run is a mini afterthought collage created using random scraps of flier and wrapping paper, along with some hand drawing, marker, and sparkly pink jell pen. 

This collage represents code loading through search. Cyber run is a fun and fit little icon who's sure to get your giggle-bites going.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mug Designs

Over time I've had different mug designs pass through my head, and just a few days ago I got an idea for a couple Halloween based ones.
I've been searching for a new mug or two because my old ones are now no good. The search started online to see what World Market and Pier 1 were holding this time of year. There was a metal octopus mug which was pretty cool, and then this funny mug of skeletons playing music. World Market has different novelty Halloween cups at the moment, and my inner goth likes that sort of thing.
While I looked I saw a spiderweb cup and a skeleton hand mug. Those seemed pretty funny, but then a more inspiring idea came to mind. Yesterday I designed two mugs as part of a series called "Holding On For Dear Life" (left).
I imagined the handle of a black cup being a skeleton who's trying to hold on to the cup while you seem to be tugging it away. His fingers and toes leave scratches on the glass to look like he's desperate to hang on. The cup itself is meant to look kind of like a cauldron.
The second idea that came to mind was a standard picture print on a normal mug. It might be called "Wet Your Wish Bone". The sketch is of a skeleton man using one of his lower legs as a paddle for his coffin boat floating down river. This sketch on a mug might be interesting as a postcard, something I'm going to keep in mind.
The other design I've had in mind for a lot longer than novelty Halloween mugs is the joke mug of a fertility goddess wearing a yellow bikini. The idea has been on the concept list ever since I thought about how someone in the family likes short, fat cups, and an inside joke relating to how that person is built like a fertility goddess. I thought it would be funny to have a short, fat cup with her in mind, but in a more comical spin of the mug being slightly more decent and not full on naked, just a size too big for her undies. :P
The design could be better, but I haven't sketched out the solid, no handle version yet.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

MN-I fashion- Pillar, Terro, Lulu, and Irna

I continue to embrace the inspiring results of acting while it lasts. In the MN-I role play I'm still having fun with brain storming, and have also found the sudden urge to create new fashion forms for my fashion designing sprees.

Since I've been designing outfits for the characters I act in the story, I wanted to make some fashion models to represent different ones and their specific body types. It felt like the fashion gallery could use some variation both for RP character designs and just fashion designs in general.

The purple and red variations above are outfit concepts for a character named Terronu, an "evil" clone of Onupari (Pari for short). She's an earth type in element with a love for farming, but sometimes has a night on the town in her sleek, tight fitted pants with a peeky bohemian/Grecian styled shirt, gem studded belt, and high heeled sandals.

The ninja styled outfit with wrap up boots and scarf belt are Terro's work clothes, things she wears while on her farm in the mountains.

After designing the Terro/Pari fashion form, I made a model for Pillari (Pillar), a stone type in element who loves playing sports, and is a spunky, hardy built figure.

Her main outfit is based off her chibi form (left) created in a chibi generator by gen8 (an artist on DeviantArt).

Pillar lives in a sandy, desert region, so she has goggles to keep dust from her eyes. Her boots are leather hiking boots with flat, flexible soles for easier running on the playing field. She wears shorts and a black tank top with a brown denim over shirt, and orange socks. Layers are best for desert games, to get through the heat of day and the chill of night.

For each new fashion form, I made a front version and back side of the model, just in case I want to be more detailed and show other angles of a costume.

Next in design came Lulu's main outfit. Lulu is a young 13 year old in the story, with the elements of water, air, and plasma (a boiling water type). Her outfit design was also based off the chibi form I made of her (left)

Lulu wears a light blue, denim skirt with orange ruffly bottom. Her shirt is fitted with button accents, and she always likes to have her favorite vest on with her stylish boots and matching green, orange ruffle top socks.

Lulu's fashion form was designed mainly for the purpose of creating fashion designs for younger girls or smaller framed women.

Some of the characters from the story, like the younger air types such as Kiana and Aeris, would fit into this body type category.

Today's outfit was for Irna, the gentle, meek water guardian of the beach in the story. 
Her main outfit is probably the most detailed so far out of all the designs I've done lately. She has several layers, and like some of the other fashion pieces, is based off her chibi form (left).
Irna wears a pair of pretty blue tights that make it easier for if she needs to swim. Her shirt is held in with a corset middle, and she sometimes wears a small blue scarf that has a tiny symbol on it to indicate she's a water region guardian. She has a ruffly underskirt, and then a light weight over skirt that could either be solid material, or sheer. 
Her helmet and boots are the basic armor she wears, but she may have more to her armor set for full on fighting situations.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

MN-I role play inspired fashion

In a matter of four days, fashion inspiration hit my mind. Ever since I started the Mata Nui Investigators role play (which will probably get a different name someday), my inspiration to design and share has kicked back in.
In more recent scenes, describing my character Sicline's clothing choices, I was inspired to draw out one of her favorite satin nightgowns. I imagined it being a medium length, silky white blouse design, with light blue snowflake patterned lace accenting the neck line and bottom edge.
Sicline also owns a pretty, light blue robe of sheer material. I had thought of it awhile back in the role play when Sicline was just engaged to Kyrian, a character acted by Tarrok Frost (that's his code name). I wasn't sure whether or not it should be plain or lace accented, so I played with both ideas.
more than likely she owns the lacy one. The design is partially inspired by an actual robe I still have, which unfortunately has become grungy from years of use. 
As I read back to before Kyrian and Sicline were married, I remembered a design I had in mind of what Sicline wore on the day of a duel between Kyrian and Markus (a prince who was betrothed to her against her consent). The duel was to decide who got to have her, and Sicline's mother insisted she wear her snow feather gown for the event.
I thought of two different patterns for the bottom of the skirt, accented with sparkles. The rest of the dress is silky and has a light blue, metallic sheen to it. The neck line is accented with feather sleeves or no sleeves. The feathers would be like a downy feather of an ostrich, lightly spritz with clear sparkles. 
To top off the dress, the smaller details would be metallic white shoes, or maybe clear blue crystal heels, pulled together with sparkling white crystal jewelry.
Among the designs mentioned in the story, Sicline also owns a dark blue gown I call the evening snow star. I played around with this design in several ways, trying to decide on which version was most pleasing. The sleeves and fluffy back all kind of came together randomly, but I liked it.
I imagined Sicline wearing this for an evening event at a fancy restaurant or an opera.
I liked the design enough that I played with color variations. I went with viewing it in green, purple, and red. This inspired other ideas, and I find I really like the folds of this design.
I call this collection the three sisters (elements of air, earth, and fire).
The pink and red one inspired ideas for my character Coaline, who's in line for possibly dating Sephiroth, another character of Tarrok in the story. Tarrok laughed slightly when he and I thought the same thing when looking at the dress. It's like an outfit Coal would wear if she were feeling girly, like a Valentine special.
He then mentioned it could be a dress Coal wears if she dates Seph. The thought struck a better idea as far as fashion for Coaline goes. She can be frilly, but in a more rebellious way.
I designed a new fashion form just so I could work out Coaline's fashion schemes. her main design is based off of a chibi I made of her in a generator (left), but the final design on the far right of the panel is her "fire fan" costume, a main outfit she wears at her sports bar. 
This is an outfit she was wearing during a scene when Seph first saw her.
I really emphasized the whole rebellious fire type with a shadowy past through Coal's wardrobe, and stuck to using five basic colors.
Coal is a wild one, so her style is meant to show that. For basic work days, being an explosive expert, or going on a simple date, Coal has her "fire fancy pants" outfit. The pants are black leather, good for hiding soot and preventing burns from happening as easily (since she lives in a volcanic region). They have a split in the front and are accented with black net. her red top is fitted yet stretchy, and I played with the option of no sleeves or with odd straps. 
Her choice of accessories would be a pair of red heels or boots, and her black net gloves.
Now as far as Coal's fancy goes, I took the same pink and red design from before, and tweaked it to match Coal's style better. This is Coal's fire passion dress, a black lace accented costume with a bit of a teasing split up the side. The material would be color changing and somewhat metallic, accented with shining orange embroidery and worn with a black chain and lace ribbon necklace, along with matching bracelet gloves.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Discover book- celestial theme

I love it when two things I enjoy come together in artistic harmony. Notebooks with metallic lettering, and celestial colors of my tablet case. I was carrying the two around with me today and noticed how they complimented each other.
Map texture and celestial texture come together like a chart to the stars. I immediately thought of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and their Discovery album.

The natural scuffing that occurred to the letters of the notebook pleases me. I'm almost done peeking through this book now that I've written out the events that occurred during our trip to NY.
On the subject of discovery, I'm glad I discovered something you shouldn't do to a tablet. You can't synchronize music to one, if you do it makes it glitch. I had to have some help reverting the software back to default and reinstall stuff because I made that mistake.

Having tablet troubles and finishing up writing projects is the reason I even saw an art photo opportunity of my notebook and tablet together.

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Asian theme- on the craft desk

Aug. 19, 2017

At the craft desk again, I've been doing on/off work through the weeks relating to Asian themed journals and accessories. I've done Asian books before, but I still had a whole bag of stuff relating to it, and have needed to get it out of the way.

After a bit of spontaneous brain storming and less thought just hand work, I clumped together a book themed around all my favorite instant noodles that I like from the Asian store.
It doesn't take much to fill a book that can only be 1'' thick, so I still had plenty of leftover things like an entire bag of noodle packaging I've been saving for collage, art bags, and whatever else that may come to mind for journal accessories to use personally or to sell.

Some extra things were worked out on the cover, but I found a cereal box as a base, and a rice bag for decoration worked well for a noodle book. I also discovered that rice bags are not only heavy duty, but rather sticky resistant. The double stick tape I used to hold it down didn't quite take on the edges, and I had to manually poke holes in them before sewing some looped stitching in black around them.
The sewing actually gave the edges an interesting touch, and did the job of holding them down.

Aside from the noodle book, I also added some other items from the Asian bag into already existing Asian books of mine. That helped pare down some of the build up in the bag and make for some interesting writing subjects in the books.
Sometimes I see funny things when sitting among my piles of junk, like an eye of a woman's face peeking at me from behind the layers of fliers (left). It's one of those moments of 'suddenly I feel watched'.

Despite the fact I reach into the piles and feel like I progress, standing back and seeing what I still have makes me feel like I haven't progressed enough. One bag gets organized and emptied during a project, but the leftovers end up in another bag, like all those Asian noodle packets in a corner (right).