Monday, July 31, 2017


(Wall-E- Jul. 31, 2017- measures around 8.5 x 6'')

I felt like having some fun with collage when I had leftover scraps from a Wall-E tissue box I've been saving for years.

There's a section in my scrapbook for Wall-E stuff, all of it pertaining to the time I first saw the movie in theaters back in 2008, and later when we got the dvd.

This collage, along with everything else that came with it, are now added to that part of my scrapbook which still needs details. Someday I may share a full post about the pages.

I made this collage by tracing around an image of Wall-E on one of the tissue box sides. After that I traced the shapes onto different textures of flier images, cut them out and glued them onto a white base, and added gel pen details.
The background elements are scrap tabs cut off from the main parts of the tissue box, and the celestial windows are cell phones cut from a flier.

I wanted it to look like Wall-E was on a moving platform inside a spaceship.
(Wall-E page- Jul. 31, 2017- measures 8.5 x 11'')

The reverted part of the paper I traced my white base onto became its own page. I created a silhouette of Wall-E by gluing the white page to black, and added gel pen details using a Tim Holtz stencil , a circle stencil, some hand lettering, and a bit of washi tape.

These pages are the ones I started with, just to display the cute pictures of the box. I also made a journal spot using the tabs and scraps (left).

Someday I hope to add pictures and writing to these pages, along with some of the other collages in the book I've yet to share here.

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