Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mini Pineapple Notebook

At the front counter during a trip to Joahn's, I saw the little summer notebooks were on clearance for 97 cents, which is about all they're worth. The paper of them is thin, and the pen ink is kind of dry, but the colors and the picture just made me happy.

I like the look of pineapples, and the color of the teal pen is one of those shades that greatly relaxes me. This particular color kind of connects to the scent of coconut in my mind. Coconut soap  is one of those things I find comfort in, so when I see a color that reminds me of it, I'm soothed (call it a possible case of synesthesia).

This notebook has become a purse companion. I did the photo shoot on a sheet of paper from a new stack of paper I found on clearance at A.C. Moore. Five dollars for a whole stack of summer patterns is worth it.
I've been making it a habit to add details to to the front of every new notebook I get, like where it was purchased, date it was purchased, and who it belongs to. For this little notebook I made an oval frame and outlined it with gold gel pen, then stamped a whimsical bird in teal, and wrote in details using the pen that came with the book (upper left corner).

I added the packaging stickers to the other side of the page, then wrote in some details about the book as an opening. Finally I added some metallic pineapple washi tape to the page after details, and used a dry teal marker to add the words, "Welcom To Pineapple Pages". 

The pineapple pages idea was a joke that came to mind when I thought of how we have phone books called yellow pages. Pineapples are yellow, so this is my version of yellow pages, only for notes.

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