Sunday, July 2, 2017

Coffee Mug Shots- Plain and with figurines

Today I did a photo shoot of different coffee mugs we have. The beginning of my mug shot series is coming together, but I haven't decided how I want to display all the different angles of pretty mugs. I'm still working out the art aspect of the project.

I made an experimental display of the main mugs I like, but am unsure of how I actually want to keep record of these cups.
I took pictures of every angle for each cup I liked, and also played around with scrapbook paper backdrops for extra interest.

My favorite blue hibiscus cup is one I've had on the list for photo shoots for awhile, sadly it already got a chip sometime ago and I had to glue that piece back on.

Sand and Sea cup (as I call it- left) was put into my box of cups because I liked it. And the "I wanna drink coffee" one (right) also catches my eye. I can see it being a nice cup to put on the counter of a coffee shop for tips.
The smaller cup of green and teal (left) is the cup I used for mint tea and green tea. I call it the Mint Tea Mug. As for the plain display of my green paisley mug (right) I used that one for hot chocolate. I call it the Chocolate Green Paisley.

I plan to make a page display of each cup and all the angles of them, with added history on what I used mine for, and what I named them.
I continued my photo play even after the record of pretty mugs. Just for fun I put some of my favorite toys into my favorite cup, and they each got their own island mug shot.
Ella and Lagoona, my beach beauties of the year, both got a turn in the mug. These might make cute postcards for a future island book I've been planning.
Of course, what would an island mug shot be without Trillahru having a turn. She seemed a bit skeptical in these pictures, making her an even cuter little island alien robot. :P

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