Thursday, May 11, 2017

Weight Of the World-collage

(Weight of the World- May 11, 2017- measures around 14 x 22 cm.)

Scrap collage made on tan sketch paper, accented with Le Plume marker using a Tim Holtz splat stencil and fantasy lettering stencil. Other paper textures include some security envelope, scrapbook paper, and small selections of fliers and box packaging.

I was going for an oceanic, map sort of theme, the idea coming to mind because I saw a scale for weighing while playing with paper scraps, and wanted to put something round on it.

There's a bit of a pun within the message. The weight of the world can have a double meaning, but in literal terms, who knows how heavy the planet is. Atlas is the mythical god in Grecian stories who's said to hold the world. Atlas also sounds similar to the word alas. Basically, Atlas would know the weight of the world, but alas who knows how much of a burden it is to hold. :P

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