Monday, May 15, 2017

Journey Up Mountain-collage

(Journey Up Mountain- May 15, 2017- measures 5.5 x 8.5'')

This may be one of my more favorite collages in the dragonfly journal so far. It all formed from a simple thing like a blue piece of scrap paper that looked like an elf shoe.

With a bit of hand drawing for a bundled up face, Le Plume marker, some tracing paper cut outs traced onto paper scraps and flier images, a bit of random paper lying around, and security envelope textures, I put together the journey up mountain.

The background was nice as is, so I made a scan of it before adding my bundled up elf figure.

Maybe this overall wearing, bundled up winter boot trudging elf fella lives at the top of this steep, icy hill. Hope he and his pom pom tipped hat make it home safely.

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