Monday, May 29, 2017

Detective Green Pipe- Mysterious Man- collage

(Detective Green Pipe- May 29, 2017- measures around 9 x 13 cm.)

Scrap collage created using bits of green and white paper, hand drawn man colored with Le Plume marker, scrapbook paper, security envelope texture, and pen.

The collage came out of the scrap of paper that looked like a "Yeahmustache, and the name came from the green pipe which was an odd shaped scrap. The smallest pieces of paper used in the mini collage are the man's eyebrows.

Detective Green Pipe may become a silly icon character in one of my case file books, one of which has quite a few things added to it already, just needs some writing here and there.
(Mysterious Man Card- May 2017- measures around 14. 5 x 10.5 cm.)

Some reverse silhouette options pulled together as a mystery man card for a case file journal. The paper of a man's silhouette is the refuse from where I cut out the drawing of Green Pipe.

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