Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pretty Table Settings

You know those pretty table centers you see for parties and weddings when you look up things like Bohemian centerpieces online? Well there's been a party coming up, and instead of spending money on tacky recyclables, and decorations, it seemed more logical to use items that can later be put to use elsewhere around a home. We've found ideas online that show how to decorate this way, and they're pleasing.

This evening the experiment of assembling nick knacks together into pretty table settings went over rather well. It was a matter of assembling items that looked best with each other.
 On Feb. 25, 2017 

I remember when nick knacks were still being gathered over the weeks during multiple thrift store visits. That was an interesting sight to see trays, candlesticks, and shining gravy boats clumped together like treasures from the cave of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves.
The theme of the party is leaning towards the style of the Jungle Book, like the live action movie from 1994. We're going for a mix of Victorian and Indian/Arabic.

Some of the items weren't thrift store hauls, specifically the blue pot candle holders and the Arabic lanterns from World Market.
Next table setting was a semi gold theme (right and below). Each display will be needing flowers and LED tea candles.
The full gold set is for the third table above and below.
Last set up was for the white and gold theme, consisting of mostly glass items on the tray.
And finally, we had leftover items which may end up on the food table as display.

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