Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Matcha Mint Dancer

I settled on making a fashion design based off the Mint Matcha collage which has bugged me as an art piece for whatever reason.
I believe there's something off about the actual collage, so I set out to redeem one aspect of it, the outfit design. I liked the designs that came from the experiment (shown left), and decided to create an illustration with the main one (right). 
The fashion pieces were done digitally, and then I worked on a digital collage by taking my fashion form and applying document textures to the body and hair. The crown and background were selected from the original collage, and face details were digital painting.
Awhile ago, before the fashion experiment, I had played around with cropping options to see if that would help the collage seem more interesting. Even with these I wasn't fully satisfied, but they did seem a bit better than the full picture.
One more experiment with cropping (speaking from the future-Aug. 9, 2017). I cropped the bust, specifically using rough cropping shapes. The results were much more pleasing. 
I then came to the realization what's been wrong from the start with the original collage, the skirt came out wrong, which skewed the models height way out of proportion, hence creating an off feel.

I decided to draw in a new design over the original collage in PSE, and redeem parts of it as best I could. If there was a way to disassemble the original collage, I might turn it into something closer to this.

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