Sunday, March 5, 2017

Laces and Trims

On the subject of art, I haven't had much time to do anything for myself since I'm still working on someone elses project, but I have been gathering a few new things with some fresh new ideas that have been very strong urges on my to do list.

A recent visit to Joan's not only got me a set of crimping and spring ring pliers, but also an opportunity to spot clearance trims near the front. My eye was caught by them, the one grabbing my attention the most being this black and blue lace shown above.
The price of it could make you chew your nails, when it wasn't clearance it was 25 some dollars a yard. On clearance it was 15 dollars a yard. I only requested for 1/4 of a yard, an idea already in my mind with the knowledge that if I didn't get a small piece while I could, I never would get the chance again.

Later after handling it and sketching some designs out for what I can do with it on a doll, a thought occurred to me which seemed almost genius as a money saver. If a small piece of lace like this on clearance costs around three dollars, I could just as easily go to the sale racks of Vanity Fair and rummage through the pile of underwear they sell for decent prices at around 2 for 5 dollars. By purchasing lacy panties for that price, I'm getting two to four times the amount of fabric for the same price as a single piece of lace from a craft store.

One day if I ever go underwear shopping again, I may just test this idea and see what pretty things will come out of a pair of undies. :P

Aside from the black lace, I found some trims to go with my already existing trim pack shown on the left.

A piece of sparkly sequined elastic trim in the shade of aquatic blue is in line for becoming a belt piece to a skirt and also a stretchy top to fit over Lagoona Blue.

Alongside this find of clearance trim I found the Little Mermaid trim there too. I've always liked it, and I took the chance to get it before it's discontinued.

At first I wasn't sure of what to do with the trim, the only thing seeming logical would be to add it to a lamp shade, or a book page, but then after I got a small piece of it, a better idea came to mind. I plan to use it as trim on a doll bath curtain, probably for a bathroom belonging to Lagoona Blue.

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