Sunday, March 12, 2017

Joe and Nouvea

Yesterday I had some fun working on these small photos of GI Joe and Nouveau. One of the older gentlemen of my figurine club was aloud in the halls of the museum for a private viewing of the newest props in my collection.

These small Nouveau prints were part of a framing experiment when we set out to see what glue could properly adhere cotton fabric to mat board.
We needed to try something small on pieces of scrap to make sure a certain cross stitch picture could have a cloth covered mat. The experiment was a success, and the cloth had no leaking problems due to the dry, stickiness of the PVA book binding glue we used.
I think Joe enjoyed his visit, especially taken by the celestial daughters collection, but just as enamored by the "Dawn" picture.

Honestly, I would have both these images in full size if I could. These two are my favorites in the Nouveau collection, which is why I chose them for a miniature experiment.
It was fun. we used a brown purple for the celestial one, and a wine purple for the "Dawn" image. Then to get that glass look, we used some thick plastic from a headphones box.

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