Saturday, March 11, 2017

Jasmine Fairy Bath

While all the trinkets and trays were out from the photo project of table setting ideas, I went ahead and set up some of the trinkets from the displays to create a fairy's bath time image. 

The idea was inspired by the gravy boat from day one. My first shot was unfortunately blurred in warm light, so I switched to a brighter light. I only then decided that after a full photo shoot beneath LED lighting, I didn't like the clarity or brightness of the light, finding the white blue color of it to be a bit too modern for an Arabic setting (original shown left above).

Not like that couldn't be adjusted, as I later discovered during editing. I used an image of a sunset from my own photos, changed the setting of it in PSE, and got an interesting golden, warm light effect for my images.

This was all done after I added in bubbles digitally, to cover up my mini Jasmine doll's body, and to add an illusion of something actually being in the tub.

The idea of a fairy taking a bath in a gravy boat makes me laugh, especially when I dreamed of someone finding the fairy in their gravy, asking her if she knew what she was soaking in, and then saving the gravy to sell as something magical.

One last experiment as part of play time. I took the first, blurred photo from the collection, and used a stamp filter to try and make the image look sort of like a wood carving. Arabic and Indian buildings tend to have intricate, carved details here and there, so I drew from that inspiration.

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