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Fashion Items from October through March

Oct. 10, 2016

I'll admit, there's a lot of things to be mentioning about which have been set on a back burner for nearly half a year. During these past six months I've gotten a hold of different accessories which have inspired my ever growing interest for fashion and costume.
Let me start with this sparkly white bracelet that looks like cut crystal and ice. It was a lucky find during a visit to A.C. Moore in search of quartz crystal bead strands. Since they didn't apparently have any of those, the bracelets seemed like the second best choice.

I'm glad I did choose to get one, the way it sparkles makes me feel like I'm wearing a chandelier on my wrist. It's also a fairly comfortable fit since it's strung together with a stretchy, transparent elastic thread.
I decided to have some fun with making a black and white version of the macro image. Black and white has always been a sort of classy thing, and this bracelet kind of looks classy in this setting.

It inspired an idea for a store poster or ad in a possible story, maybe a story that takes place during winter.
Throughout the months I couldn't have been happier with the new stone pendants and necklaces I received as gifts. I love it when online stores stock up on their pretty metal work pieces.
Oct. 19, 2016

The first pendant arrived on October 19, 2016. I'm in love with it's color and depth, finding it to be like shadowy blue water. Online it looked all black, but in actual light it's a mix of blue and black. The setting makes it gorgeous, though it's sadly only silver plated, not solid.

Dendritic is what it's supposedly called, but it seems this kind of dark blue and black is less common than white and black.
Oct. 22, 2016

On October 22 I received this red jasper in a solid silver setting that reminds me of the sun. I've always loved finding stones that have little scenes in them, like miniature art pieces. What I love most about it is how there's literally a scene within the stone. In the corner you have the silhouette of  a rock cliff or the top of a volcano, the bright red streaks being the lava which erupts and spews through the darkened sky of clouds which reflect the glow of fire.

Granted, it may only look that way to me and those who enjoy finding pictures in odd places. 
Oct. 28, 2016

One of my favorite pendants color and sheen wise has to be this agate geode. It's like wearing a chunk of the ocean around your neck, and matches some of my favorite outfits.
Nov. 28, 2016

On November 28'th I decided to take a picture of one of my older pendants from many years ago. I figured it was time to take a picture of it before it tarnished. This piece is a basic impure emerald, which can look rather different depending on the lighting, as shown in these two pictures.

I like the setting of this piece because it reminds me of a leaf being held by vines.
Nov. 30, 2016

Another stone called apatite came on Nov. 30, and I'll admit, the color is super relaxing to look at. It's like having a drop of water hanging by a chain. To compliment the piece with one of my favorite teal shirts, I wore my rope circle earrings with light blue gems.
Dec. 22, 2016

On Dec. 22, it felt like Christmas came early when two of my favorite new necklaces came in the mail. The first one show is black onyx. This particular stone has always caught my attention, but I've always wanted it in a nice setting. When I saw it in a setting like this, I immediately knew I wanted it. 

It makes me think of a Gothic ball or a dainty gift from Batman. :P
Speaking of bats, the other necklace is an interesting setting of amethyst. The middle piece of this reminds me of a bird or flying creature of some sort, rising through some leaves.
Dec. 27, 2016
After the black onyx and purple amethyst, my favorite necklace came. The moonstone necklace had to be the best one because of its blue glow and perfect size for my neck. 

I really like the setting of the piece, having gotten it mainly because of that. I do have two smaller moonstone pendants, but though they have a concentrated amount of blue fire in them, they aren't quite as interesting as this is setting wise.
Dec. 30, 2016

On Dec. 30, a scarf came in the mail. It's in my favorite color combination of purple and bright celestial blue. The gold peacocks make it even better. I've found the scarf to serve well for multiple purposes as a fashion item. It's soft, stretchy, shiny, lightweight, can be a belt, a headband, or a scarf depending on what wrapping technique you use.
Nov. 26, 2016

I admit, I like socks, specifically interesting ones like these sparkly accented sports socks
The purple ones catch my eye the most, unfortunately the material is kind of thin and has worn easily from constant use.
Dec. 9, 2016

I also got a new favorite pair of icy colored winter socks. The fuzzy kinds are always fun, and the colors inspire some fashion ideas. My favorite ones are the flowered ones on the left, which remind me of of a Swedish sweater.
Feb. 2, 2017

In February I was given some other interesting items. Robes made in India. They're not only comfortable to wear at night, they're cheerful and pretty.
The most colorful one reminds me of a tropical sunset.
I would say the most eye catching and enjoyable for pretend is the jewel toned robe with plastic gems and glass beads.
My first robe was this one, which reminds me of the desert or a fiery galaxy.
Mar. 1, 2017

In March I came across two skirts from a thrift store which had a very large, and nice assortment of clothes. I was glad to find at least two skirts that fit, a black ruffly one, and the spring time one in my favorite colors.
Also on that day, I had found a butterfly pin which seemed like it would be fun to use on one of my hats, but accessories for the head didn't end there.

At the Asian store I found these novelty chop sticks, which I hope to some time turn into hair sticks with possible dangles on the ends.

I've always found the old Japanese silk paintings to be charming, and the colors of these chopstick just caught my eye.
Here's a close up of the butterfly pin (left)

My favorite part about it is the beading on dangling chains. I've considered using it for more than just my hats and scarfs, but also for some still life photos as an accessory on toys.

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