Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Eat Fish Book

 (Mar. 21, 2017)
"Eat Fish", a book which was completed some time before the 21'st (the day I took the pictures). This book was made as a gift for someone who wanted to know how to shop for different kinds of fish.

I used a saved sardines box from a brand I came to really like the flavor of. They're a product of Spain, found at an Asian food store.

It turned out pretty well, as it ought to have considering I spent over a month practically slaving on it as I went through the process of assembling the pages, then chronicling them into signature sections which matched up with the index numbers. 
even more of a pain was thinking forward, back, and flip side for proper printing of double sided pages.
After all that work, I saved the print pages for future use, hopefully for when I'm ready to make a fish book of my own.

The spine of the cover is silly in the sense you can read the ingredients of the once existing sardines.
I covered the insides of the book with origami paper that matched the red of the cover, while reminding of fish scaled and ocean waves.
It had to be glued to white card stock, then sealed with liquitex varnish for stability.
I had four signatures in total, which scrunched up into a relatively small width. At first I thought I wouldn't have enough room along the spine to fit them comfortably.

One of my favorite pages in the book is where you find the mahi mahi fish. Its colors are all my favorites.
I did have to look up the names of the fishes on Google images as I worked, which took some time, but made the book that much better. This tiny booklet is a condensed collection of all the fish descriptions listed on the Chef's Resources website, including screen shots of the flavor scales.

Only thing I had someone else do since they wanted it, was to list oily or white fish next to the names of the fishes in the index.

I found it convenient to take pictures of the book on my recent water color background project which I just started the night before.
Enjoy a small video flip through.

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